All the Coupons in the World Won’t Replace this Jiffy Lube Horror Story

jiffy lube

We often find so much to complain about when we go somewhere. Our food might be cold, the service provided is not correctly done, customer service is a joke; there are so many complaints in the world, and Jiffy Lube is not immune to those complaints. While there are always people looking to scam others  and companies that make the mistake of hiring people that they might be better off without, we hear from a lot of upset people. While you might expect the worst complaints to come from the customers that utilize the services Jiffy Lube provides, one of the worst we’ve heard in a while is actually from a former employee of the company. There are not enough apologies, coupons and deals available for consumers that make up for the horror stories told by a former employee.

Nameless he will remain, but one former Jiffy Lube employee has spilled the beans on what it’s like to work at this company, and it’s not good. Customers are going to feel that their suspicions are confirmed and that their patronage might be better elsewhere. This employee states that he was asked on more than one occasion to use a lesser quality oil that what customers paid for. He also states that when the shop was particularly busy on any given day, employees were instructed to skip the actual services paid for by the customer to get their cars in and out faster to accommodate more customers. This meant not rotating tires, not checking fluids and not doing what customers were paying to have inspected. This is not only gross negligence, but it’s dangerous. Many people come into Jiffy Lube to have these services rendered prior to leaving on road trips, and the effect of this negligence could be potentially devastating for drivers and their families.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images


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