A Chegg Coupon Makes Textbook Rental More Affordable


Based in Santa Monica, Chegg is a company that specializes in offering textbook rentals to college students. The reason this company is so successful is the fact that colleges and universities offer classes to students that require expensive textbooks students often cannot afford. Sometimes spending $100 or more on just one book for one semester is just too much. Those students are left looking for loans, asking parents for help and trying to find a way to pay for just their books – and that doesn’t even include the cost of classes.

Chegg offers students the opportunity to rent textbooks for the semester at a cost that’s far less than the price of purchasing a book. You won’t get to sell them back at the end of the semester for what is hopefully a profit, but you also won’t have to spend hundreds – or thousands – of dollars on textbooks at the beginning of the semester. However, even with the lower price of book rentals you will still appreciate dropping the price even more with some Chegg coupons.

Online Coupons

You can find Chegg discounts online by performing a quick internet search for what it is you want. For example, head over to Google and enter, “Chegg promo codes,” into the search box and peruse the different results that appear. You’ll be surprised to see just how many there are available at any given time, and at least one should be more than sufficient in helping you afford your school books.

Chegg Website

The Chegg website often offers discounts for students in need of some new books. By visiting the company’s website to see what’s available, you could potentially save even more on textbook rentals. These coupons are available almost all the time, and they usually offer some significant deals. For example, you can get a percentage off the total price of your rental or you can even get free shipping or a specific dollar amount taken off the total of your rental.

Call Chegg

Oftentimes students are in very precarious situations with their finances, and they need more help than a coupon can offer. That’s when they can call Chegg and ask for discounts over the phone. It may or may not work for all students, but it never hurts to call and ask for a discount when you need the extra help. You might hear, ‘no,’ but you might hear something better, and that makes the call worth it.

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