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    How Much Money Will Be Spent On Father’s Day 2017?

    Father’s Day will be here soon. Have you picked up anything for Dad yet? You probably will, if statistics count for anything. In 2017, spending on Father’s Day will account for an estimated $15.5 billion in sales, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). That’s a pretty impressive number – not in the league with […] More

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    10 Quality Kirkland Products that Save You Money at Costco

    Costco shoppers know what great bargains are available at their local store, but might not be aware of how many of them are not only cheaper than other brands but also rated better as well. Gone are the days when cheap meant lower quality. Many Costco items made by Kirkland are better quality than what […] More

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    10 Things To Know About Shopping At Publix

    Publix is a large grocery store chain located in the Southeast. This store takes pride in taking care of its customers. They offer free carryout service to take your groceries to your car. They have been named on a variety of customer satisfaction surveys as one of the best supermarket chains in the country. They […] More

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    Seven Retail Stores That Offer Price Match Guarantees

    It’s happened to just about everyone before: you go shopping, buy something, and find out just days later that the item has gone on sale. Worse is when you pay for an item at one retailer and find that another offers the same thing for a significantly lower price. The result of either scenario is […] More

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    10 Hidden Secrets About Shopping At The Apple Store

    If you have finally decided to bail on your Windows or Android phones and are ready to give the iPhone a try, you should go about it the right way. There are plenty of places that you can go to buy your first iPhone. You can find them at department stores, big box stores, and […] More

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    5 Ways To Use Technology To Save On Christmas Shopping

    Holiday shopping can be very expensive. Buying gifts for everyone on your list can drain your savings. Most people know that technology can make their live more convenient. What you may not know is that you can use technology to save money on your holiday shopping as well. If you know a few simple technology […] More

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    11 Things You Need To Know About Free Shipping Day

    The biggest shopping days of the year are during the holidays. Almost every store know this, therefore, they start advertising sales. Many have their biggest sales on Black Friday, which occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Some retailers will start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day. Another huge shopping day around the holidays is […] More

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    Clever Gift Card Strategies to Save on Christmas

    A significant amount of the credit card debt amassed in the U.S. is accumulated during the Christmas holidays. According to a recent report, the average American spent $882 on Christmas gifts in 2015. What is even more fascinating is the fact that this number does not include meals, décor or clothes. Not only do a […] More

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    10 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Upsold By Retailers

    Many people love to go shopping. Some people go shopping when they need things and some people go shopping because they want things. There are some people who go shopping to make themselves feel better. While you may not enjoy spending the money, you love coming home with new things. It is important, however, to […] More

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    10 Black Friday Myths You Should Never Fall For

    Black Friday, the annual retail event where shoppers hit the stores around Thanksgiving to get great deals, has been popular ever since its inception. It never fails: when the end of November rolls around, people start planning their early morning shopping trips, scouring ads, and deciding which of their credit cards to max out for […] More

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    Target’s Store Markdown Schedule

    Target Markdown Schedule Monday: kids clothing, baby, accessories and electronics Tuesday: food, pet items, women’s clothing Wednesday: men’s clothing, lawn & garden, tools, toys Thursday: housewares, sporting goods, luggage, music, lingerie, shoes Friday: cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, car accessories This is personal, and I’m sure it’s about to net me a number of enemies; I don’t […] More

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