15 Weird Car Features You Didn’t Know

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Have you ever exclaimed “what on earth is this for?” after seeing a car feature usually not seen in generic cars? We have. There are a whole bunch of such car features that many of us do not know about. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 15 weirdest car features.

Perfume Dispensers


Want your car to smell something other than a french fries container or a crushed gym uniform? Well, some luxury cars, like certain models from Mercedes-Benz, have built-in perfume dispensers. Yes, seriously. You can actually choose from a variety of scents or even load your own favorite perfume.

Swivel Seats

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Getting in and out of a car can be a bit of a squeeze, especially in tight parking spots. That is where swivel seats come in handy. Swivel seats can turn to the side or even pull you out with a button. This probably sounds like some technology from a sci-fi movie but it’s a real thing, for example, in the Ford B-Max.

External Airbags

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Everyone is probably aware that cars come with interior airbags, but do you know that cars also come fitted with external airbags? These are designed to protect pedestrians. In some Volvo models, if you happen to hit someone, an airbag pops out of the hood or door to cushion the impact. 

Stone Massage Seats

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High-end models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Range Rover offer seats with a hot stone massage feature with multiple settings. It is like turning your driver’s seat into a mini spa. Imagine getting a back massage while you are stuck in traffic. That would make rush hours a lot more relaxing, right?

Heartbeat Monitor

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This feature sounds like it is straight out of a spy thriller. Some cars, like the Hyundai Genesis, come with a CO2 sensor that can detect heartbeat. This was initially meant for safety, like detecting if a child is accidentally left in a locked car or if someone is hiding in your car.

Refrigerator Compartment

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Imagine you are on a road trip, and you reach for a chilled drink right from your car’s center console. Sounds cool, right? Some high-end cars, like the Range Rover or the Mercedes-Maybach, have a built-in refrigerator compartment. You can fill them with your favorite snacks and beverages to keep everything cool.

Intercom Systems


Some family vans and SUVs, like those from BMW and Lexus, offer built-in intercom systems. This feature lets you talk easily with rear-seat passengers without ever having to raise your voice. It is especially handy when you have noisy kids in the back who cannot hear you over their tablets.

Retractable Steering Wheels

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Now, this one is straight out of the future. In some autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles, like the Tesla Model S with the Full Self-Driving package, the steering wheel can retract into the dashboard when not in use. This gives you more space and a more relaxed environment while the car is driving itself. 

Ambient Interior Lighting

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Setting the mood is not just for your home anymore. Cars like the Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class feature ambient interior lighting with customizable colors and intensities. You can choose a soothing blue, a vibrant orange, or nearly any other color you feel like to reflect your mood or just change up the vibe inside your car. 

Solar Roof Panels

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And here is a smart one. The Toyota Prius and some hybrids and electric cars have this eco-friendly feature. These panels help charge the battery and power the air conditioning while the car is parked under the sun. It is a brilliant way to use natural energy and reduce fuel consumption.

In-Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Ever had those moments when your car floor mats look like a snack battlefield? Honda thought of a solution with their built-in vacuum cleaner, the HondaVAC, which is available in some Odyssey models. This neat gadget is tucked away in the rear cargo area, complete with a long hose that can reach all corners of the cabin. 

Night Vision

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Driving at night can often be a bit scary, particularly when visibility is limited. Brands like BMW and Audi offer night vision systems that use infrared cameras to detect pedestrians, large animals, and other objects beyond the reach of your headlights. The system displays a thermal image on your dashboard, making night drives a lot less stressful.

Starlight Headliner

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If you have ever wanted a touch of luxury, check out the starlight headliner feature in some Rolls-Royce models. This option uses hundreds of tiny fiber optic lights installed in the roof lining to create a starry sky inside your car. It is customizable, too, so you can enjoy twinkling star lights as you cruise through the night streets!

Heated Armrests

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Heated seats are a common luxury in many cars, but Mercedes-Benz took it a step further with heated armrests and door panels in their higher-end models. Now, on a cold day, not only can you keep your back and bum toasty, but you can also have warm hands and elbows. 

Automatic Lift Gates with Foot Sensors


Some cars come with automatic lift gates that get activated by a simple foot gesture. Brands like Ford and BMW have integrated sensors under the rear bumper; just wave your foot underneath, and the trunk opens up. It is a small feature that feels like a big luxury, especially on busy days.


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