10 Safest Cars for Senior Drivers


The 10 safest cars for elderly drivers are still useful and attractive cars. There’s no need to forego elegance for safety.

Honda Accord


This car is budget-friendly and reliable, two important factors for elderly drivers. With all the new bells and whistles it’s still not impossible to drive, but it does help those who need a little extra when getting from point A to B.

Genesis G80


The luxury that one gets with this car is on par with the safety since it has everything from forward collision warnings to front and rear parking sensors. That kind of safety is vital to everyone, but it can keep elderly drivers safe.

Toyota Camry


There are a lot of different reasons to pick a Camry for the elderly citizen in your family or life. Nostalgia is one of them for some people, but the ability to avoid collisions due to safety features is another.

Hyundai Ioniq


Hybrid or electric vehicles are a popular thing right now. Not only that, but the standard safety features have increased the likelihood that you’ll remain secure during your drive.

Subaru Legacy


All-wheel drive is great to have depending on where you live. Plus, the price is right on the Subaru, which will help many people.

Honda Insight


With gas costing what it does, the fuel economy of this vehicle is impressive. Also, the intuitive features that it comes with are great for those who are not as quick or adept on the road anymore.

BMW 5 Series


If you can afford it, this luxury car is just as safe as it is impressive. It does come with a superb safety rating, so you can feel entirely secure while on the road.

Subaru Forester


SUVs are something that a lot of people move away from as they get older, but they’re still great utility vehicles. While this vehicle doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it covers the most important points.

Hyundai Tucson


This vehicle went through a redesign in 20222 so it’s easy to state that it’s been given a good look at the safety features. Pedestrian detection is just one feature that it possesses, but it’s a safe and roomy vehicle that offers a nice ride along with a great safety rating.

Ford Bronco Sport


For those who live on the outskirts or in more rural areas, this is a great ride. Thankfully it’s also loaded with safety features as well as the capability to go off-road.


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