10 Ways To Get Rid of Woodpeckers

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Dealing with woodpeckers can be a real headache when they target your home. While they are fascinating creatures, the damage they cause is not so charming. Here are ten effective, humane ways to discourage these persistent birds from turning your property into their personal pecking ground.

Reflective Objects

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Woodpeckers are not fans of shiny, moving objects. You can hang reflective tape, old CDs, or even small mirrors around the areas they frequent. The light reflections and slight movements these objects make in the wind can unsettle woodpeckers. Just drape some strips or hang the CDs from tree branches or near the spots they love. It is easy and pretty effective.


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Put up some netting around your home’s siding or vulnerable wood surfaces. The trick here is to install the netting a few inches away from the surface so that when a woodpecker comes knocking, there is no solid feedback, which is unsatisfying for them. This method is great because it physically blocks the birds without causing them harm.

Decoy Predators

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Woodpeckers are naturally wary of predators like hawks and owls. You can use this to your advantage by placing decoys of these predators around your home. Make sure to move the decoys around occasionally because if they stay in one spot too long, the birds might catch on to the trick. It is a bit like playing a strategic game of scare-the-bird.

Noise Deterrents

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Sometimes, a little noise is all you need. There are electronic devices available that emit sounds unpleasant to woodpeckers but are not bothersome to humans. These can range from ultrasonic noises to distress signals of other woodpeckers. It is like having a security system that keeps birds at bay.

Fill in the Holes

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If your wooden surfaces have already been the target of woodpecker decor, fill in the holes as soon as you notice them. This discourages the birds from coming back to ‘finish the job.’ You can use wood putty or a similar sealant. Think of it as patching up your defenses. Moreover, it keeps your home looking neat, which is always a bonus.

Feed Them Elsewhere

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Sometimes, if you cannot beat them, redirect them. Set up a feeding station on the opposite side of your property with foods that woodpeckers love, like suet and seeds. This can divert their attention away from your house. Think of it as offering them a better option where they can peck and eat to their heart’s content without damaging your property.

Remove Food Sources

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On the other side, make sure your property is not a buffet for these birds. Remove or secure food sources that might attract woodpeckers, such as insect-infested trees or exposed wood that might harbor bugs. It is like taking away the free snacks that keep them coming back for more.

Woodpecker Repellent

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There are repellent sprays available that can make woodpeckers think twice about landing on your home. These sprays usually contain a substance that is unpleasant to them but harmless. It is similar to using a bug spray that keeps mosquitoes at bay, only this one is for woodpeckers.

Paint or Stain Wood Surfaces

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Woodpeckers are less likely to peck on painted or stained wood because it does not have the same appeal as natural or weathered wood. Consider giving your exterior wood surfaces a fresh coat of paint or stain. It is a bit like changing the decor to something less appealing to uninvited guests.

Talk to a Professional

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If all else fails, or if the situation is severe, it might be time to bring in a wildlife expert. They can offer more specific advice and help implement solutions that are tailored to your particular woodpecker problem. It is time to call for professional help; do not delay anymore! 


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