Top 10 States With The Most Wolverines

William F. Wood – Wikimedia Commons

So, you are interested in finding out where the Wolverines hang out in the US? Let us just say they are not the easiest critters to find. They prefer the chillier, more secluded parts of the country. Let us walk through the top 15 states where these tough guys like to roam.


USFWS Mountain-Prairie – Wikimedia Commons

Alaska is pretty much the big league when it comes to Wolverine territory. It is wild, vast, and cold, just how wolverines like it. These creatures are all about the solitude of Alaska’s expansive wilderness, from the icy Brooks Range to the less-traveled southeastern regions. If you are trekking through these parts, keep your eyes open. 


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Next up is Montana, where the skies are big, and the mountains are even bigger. Wolverines love the high, rocky landscapes here, especially in Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. They are solitary creatures wandering large stretches of land, so seeing one is pretty special and, honestly, pretty rare.


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Think of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons and Yellowstone as wolverine paradise. The state offers vast stretches of rugged terrain with few people, just what a wolverine wants. These guys are built for the tough mountain life, and they do a fantastic job of steering clear of humans, which makes each sighting a memorable moment.


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Idaho is famous for its potatoes, but it is also a lesser-known haven for wolverines. The central and northern parts of the state are wild enough to support these loners. Places like the Sawtooth Wilderness are perfect with their cold, snowy conditions and plenty of space to roam.


Hans Veth – Unsplash

Washington, especially the North Cascades, is a crucial spot for wolverines in the continental U.S. It is all about the deep snow and high peaks there, which are perfect for these guys. The conservation work in this region is intense because every wolverine that is spotted can give a real boost to their chances of sticking around and even increasing their numbers.


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Now, Oregon might not be the first state you think of when it comes to wolverines, but places like the Blue Mountains and parts of the Cascades have seen some action. These spots are wild, thick with forests, and just rugged enough to attract a few wolverines. There are not tons of them, but it is definitely a state to watch.


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California has a surprise up its sleeve beyond its sunny beaches and big cities, the high Sierra Nevada mountains. It is pretty chilly and remote up there, making it a good spot for a few hardy wolverines. They are not exactly common, so spotting one is a real thrill.


Hans Veth – Unsplash

Utah’s got something for wolverines, too, especially around the Uinta Mountains. It is not swarming with them, but its mix of dense forests and snowy peaks is just what a solitary wolverine could be looking for in a home. It is a rugged place for a rugged animal.


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Over in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains are pretty much a Wolverine’s dream. The state is packed with vast national forests and towering ranges, offering the secluded, snowy settings Wolverines love. They are pretty secretive here, and sightings are rare, but wildlife managers are always on the lookout for any signs they are around, helping keep these creatures safe.


Zefram – Wikimedia Commons

And then there is Nevada, probably not the first place you would expect to find a Wolverine. But believe it or not, the high, lonely mountains here have had a few wolverine visitors. It is not a common sight, but Nevada’s rugged mountains are just the kind of off-the-beaten-path places that a wolverine might decide to explore.


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