The Top 10 Dangerous Animals in America


The top 10 dangerous animals in America are found from coast to coast. Some are even found in several different states.

Brown Recluse Spider


At one time the black widow was considered the deadliest since they looked rather menacing. But the brown recluse is a far more dangerous insect since their venom is necrotic and can cause rot in a wound.

Arizona Bark Scorpion


The pincers on a scorpion look rather nasty, but they distract from the venomous barb at the end of their upraised tail. This scorpion was actually responsible for around 800 deaths in the 80s.

Polar Bear


While grizzlies are imposing and present themselves as a bigger threat, the polar bear is still a lot more aggressive. The only reason they’re not normally counted as one of the most dangerous animals is that interactions between polar bears and humans are rare.



While wolves are far more dangerous, this is because they are pack hunters and don’t generally interact with humans. Small children and pets are at greater risk from coyotes than anyone, as coyotes are opportunists.

American Bison


It’s funny to think of a bison as one of the most dangerous animals around. But the thing is that if they’re provoked and manage to hit someone, they can kill a person given their bulk and average speed of 40 mph.



A crocodile is typically more aggressive than an alligator, who is an opportunist. As one of the more dangerous animals, crocodiles will take a run at a person if they feel provoked.

Great White Shark


Most sharks will avoid humans unless there are reasons to come close. The great white is the most dangerous since it’s technically an eating machine that doesn’t stop, though they’re more likely to attack a seal or other fish.

Coral Snake


As one of the most venomous snakes around the coral snake is undoubtedly deadly. While it’s fairly placid, the reason it’s more dangerous is that its venom can cause suffocation via paralysis of the respiratory system.



Believe it or not, deer cause hundreds of deaths every year. This isn’t because they suddenly turn violent, it’s because they have no real concept of crossing the road, meaning they cause car accidents in large numbers.

Africanized Bees


Also known as killer bees, these little buggers usually attack in swarms, which is why they’re so dangerous. Worse, they’ll attack if they sense a threat to their hive, which means that the closer you get, the more of a threat you are.


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