10 Surprising Facts About Wolverines

Lauren Bilboe/shutterstock.com

Here are 10 surprising facts about wolverines that you might not have known. They’re impressive little creatures to be fair.

They’re the largest of the mustelid species that live on land


They do look kind of like weasels when you really stare at them for a while. But they have a lot of qualities that other animals can’t match that easily.

They’re insanely tough


Their endurance is amazing and their physiology is enough to make anyone raise their eyebrows. Not only that, but they’re quite strong for an animal of their size.

Their fur makes them very resistant to frost


It doesn’t even matter if they roll in snow and frost, the natural oily texture of their fur makes them hydrophobic, meaning they can resist it. This is a big reason why hunters used their hides for lining in outdoor wear.

They go after larger prey


Not a lot of animals will actively try to hunt anything much bigger than they are. The fun fact about wolverines is that they will go after animals such as reindeer, who should by all means be able to destroy them.

They do need other species to survive


While they will go after bigger prey, they usually feast on smaller animals regularly. But as primary scavengers, they are constantly under threat from bigger predators.

There are dangers to their environment


The removal of carrion, which is handled by various management practices in the wilderness, can be a problem. Not only that, but logging drives their primary food sources away if practiced without restraint.

Their anal scent glands are extremely potent


You really wanted to know this, right? The truth is that they do mark their territory like many other animals, and the scent is pungent.

Amazingly, they don’t quarrel with some animals


Competition for resources in the wild is tough without a doubt. But as a scavenger, a wolverine will typically follow the trails of other animals to secure a meal from their kill.

Like many wild animals, they’ve been labeled as a nuisance


Given that they can take down livestock, they are seen as a threat to farmers. Thanks to this, however, they did become a protected species after their numbers were seriously depleted.

Their territory has been reduced in a big way


The expansion of humanity into the wilds has made a huge difference in the hunting grounds of the wolverine. Not only that, but the poisoning of wolves has affected them as well.


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