10 Reasons Why People Like Dogs Better Than Cats


There are at least 10 reasons why people like dogs better than cats, and a lot of them have to deal with their friendship. Seriously, dogs are easier to get along with.

Dogs are usually happy to see you


When was the last time a cat wagged their tail in joy to see you? Dogs are great companions that are always ready to welcome you home.

You can train a dog much easier than a cat


Cats might look at you with little more than disdain if you try to train them. Dogs will often do almost anything for a treat, within reason.

Dogs are often people-pleasers


People like dogs since a dog will often do what is necessary to appease them. If that love is reciprocated, there isn’t a lot a dog won’t do.

A dog is often more loyal than a cat


When shown love and affection, many animals will do just about anything for their caretaker. But dogs are known to protect their owners to the end.

Dogs are great protectors


Speaking of protection, people like dogs since they know if their canine companion is capable, they’ll stand up against anything or anyone. Dogs have stood up against animals several times their size when necessary.

Many dogs are more social than cats


Cats are social when they want to be. Dogs kind of give you the feeling that they want to be social.

Owning a dog is better for staying in shape


How often do you see people running with a cat? Dogs need to be walked, and getting outside is the best way to maintain their, and your, health.

Many dogs are a lot friendlier than cats


Dogs and cats will both snuggle, but cats tend to do this on their own terms. Dogs just want to cuddle, period.

Dogs will risk their own lives for others


There are stories of dogs trying to pull their owners from dangerous locations. There are even dogs who have stood up to bears and other dangerous animals in defense of their owner.

A dog will usually come up to greet you


Cats might give you a look that translates to “Oh, it’s you.” Dogs will actually come up and say hi in their own way.


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