20 Breeds of Cat That Don’t Shed

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We can understand your dilemma if you love cats but suffer from cat allergies. Although every cat sheds some amount of hair, some cats shed less. According to the International Cat Association, these cats are suitable for those dealing with itchy eyes and runny noses. Here are 20 such cat breeds that shed the least.


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Your search for cats that do not shed ends with Sphynx. These mythical creatures, although they are a cat breed, are unique from the canines you may know. Sphynx is the rarest cat breed that is completely hairless besides the mustache. However, they need more grooming since they have no hair or skin to absorb body oil.

Cornish Rex

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Cornish Rex is a native U.S. cat breed that sheds less than other cats. Its short, curly fur lies close to its body. The coat is hypoallergenic and sheds remarkably less, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. However, Cornish are quiet, energetic, and playful and form a bond with their owners.

Devon Rex

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Devon Rex is a hypoallergenic cat that rarely sheds. This breed grows small to medium and is quite popular among those with fur allergies. Its coat is short yet extremely curly, requiring minimal brushing due to its short fur. Devon has a playful and mischievous personality that bonds well with humans.

Russian Blue

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Want a beautiful cat breed that sheds less? Go for Russian Blue. Another minimal shedder, these Russian natives, originally belonged to the port of Arkhangelsk. They have a refined physique and a gentle nature. However, they form strong bonds but stay shy around strangers. This breed sheds less than two- to three weeks annually.


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Cat lovers looking for chatty cat breeds that shed less, go for Siamese. Their sleek and slender body has a short coat that sheds less. Siamese comes in a variety of colors: seal, chocolate, blue, lilac and more. Due to their low shedding tendency, they need minimal grooming, which makes them low-maintenance. 


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The famous Indian Bengal cats originate from the Asian leopard breeds. These domestic cats have beautiful leopard-like spots that give them a wildly charming look. Although they are not completely shed-free, Bengals usually shed very little. These cats are gentle and extremely loyal and bond well with humans and other domestic pets.


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Originating from Burma (now Myanmar), Burmese cats have a short, fine, and glossy coat. They are typically sable and do not shed a ton. They require occasional grooming and combing/ brushing once weekly. Burmese makes an excellent pet for those who want an extrovert cat. However, do not be misled by their size; they are heavyweight champions.

Turkish Van

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You may confuse Turkish Van for heavy shedder; however, they are not. With soft, fluffy fur, this cat breed still does not shed much. They are seasonal shedders who relive their coats, usually after winter. Their coat features semi-long hair with a water-resistant texture and a beautiful color pattern. 

British Shorthair

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British Shorthair is a charming cat breed with a short, sort-out coat. These pretty cats are known for their British origin and strong build. What adds to their unique appearance is their short and dense coat. However, they typically shed less and do not require excessive grooming. 


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Javanese are sleek and low-shedding cats, a closer relative of Siamese. These cats are popular for their color-point pattern and semi-longhair coat. Their coat is usually silky and fine, with low shedding tendencies. Javanese form a strong bond with their owners and are highly social with strangers as well.

Oriental Shorthair

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Meet the Oriental Shorthair, a breed closely related to the Siamese, though it looks similar to Sphynx. They have diverse coats with unique colors and patterns. Due to the shirt length, fine hair, and sleekness of their fur, this cat breed sheds less occasionally. Besides that, they are playful and affectionate.


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Birmans, or ‘Sacred Cats of Burma,’ are a captivating cat breed. Known for their distinctive appearance and pleasant demeanor, they are rooted in Burmese temples. Birmans have a semi-longhair coat and striking color points. Their coat is silky and does not mat easily. They do not completely shed less but lose their fur moderately. Matting can reduce shedding in Birmans. 


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Meet the Nebelung breed and get them home if you want a cat that sheds less. This modern cat breed has a striking blue-gray coat with a semi-longhair. Due to the fineness and denseness of their coat, Nebelungs usually shed less. Even when they do, it happens occasionally at a specific time of the year.


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Ragdolls are a quiet and affectionate cat breed from the United States. They feature large, striking blue eyes and an innocent face. Due to their thick and bushy coats, Ragdolls shed less than other cats. Their shedding is also affected by diet, grooming, and season. To make them shed less, grooming is essential.

Turkish Angora

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Looking for a cat breed that does not shed? Meet Turkish Angora. This elegant and fine-coated cat breed is low maintenance yet possesses a graceful appearance. Their semi-longhair coat sheds moderately during the transition from winter to summer. Besides that, they do not shed for the entire year, thus making them an excellent choice for allergic people.


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Generally matt-free, Somali cats are small, sweet, and gentle. This breed is known for its unique characteristics, playful nature, and sociability. Their soft, silky coat does not shed much and requires minimal attention. Comb them once a week to smoothen their coat, and they are done.

Siberian Cat

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Planning to have a cat? Do not look further than Siberians. These cats do not shed throughout the year but seasonally in spring and autumn. Shedding is never an issue with them; however, if not taken care of, their coat can mate. Siberians are physically attractive, and they adapt easily to cold climates.


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LaPerm is a beautiful cat breed with a curly coat, eye-catching appearance, and charming personality. Originating in the United States, they have a medium-sized body and are generally low shedders. Regular grooming can help them with manageable shedding. Besides that, LaPerm is active, socializes well, and is also going around with kids.


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If you want to adopt a cat breed that sheds absolutely zero, go for Peterbald. This unique and elegant breed is known for its hairless or partially hairless coat, making it stand out amongst others as bald. They are a relatively new breed from the early 1990s. Peterbalds are known for their low to moderate shedding, depending on the specific coat type. 


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Originating from Russia, Donskoy has a unique and charming personality. These cats have a hairless appearance but are warm and affectionate. Donskoys exhibit various coat types, ranging from completely bald to a soft, down-like coat. They are generally a low-shedding breed, especially the ones with minimal or no fur. The ones with particularly thin coats require some grooming.


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