15 Spots In The US To Find Wild Horses


The sight of wild horses galloping across vast landscapes elicits a sense of freedom and untamed beauty. There are several enchanting locations across the United States where these grand creatures roam freely. These locations offer a glimpse into a world where nature reigns supreme. From the rugged terrains of the West to the serene coastal shores of the East, here are those 15 captivating destinations.

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Montana/Wyoming


Nestled along the Montana-Wyoming border, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is home to a storied population of mustangs, believed to be descendants of Spanish colonial horses. Witness these resilient creatures as they traverse the rugged terrain of the Pryor Mountains, a testament to the enduring spirit of the American West.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota


Named after the conservationist president who cherished America’s natural glamour, Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers a glimpse into the country’s wild past. Here, wild horses wander amidst the badlands and rolling plains, embodying the bestial spirit of the frontier.

Assateague Island, Maryland/Virginia

Mark Wilson/Getty

Famous for its pristine beaches and untamed radiance, Assateague Island is also home to a population of wild horses known as Chincoteague ponies.

Shackleford Banks, North Carolina


Accessible only by boat, Shackleford Banks is a hidden gem along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Here, wild horses known as Banker ponies drift the windswept shores, adding to this secluded paradise’s allure.

Onaqui Mountains, Utah


In the remote wilderness of Utah’s Onaqui Mountains, herds of wild horses traverse vast expanses of sagebrush and desert terrain. Experience the thrill of spotting these iconic symbols of freedom against the backdrop of Utah’s stunning landscapes.

Sand Wash Basin, Colorado

Jonathan Steele/Getty

In the northwestern region of Colorado lies Sand Wash Basin, a protected area that serves as a sanctuary for wild horses in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This rugged terrain offers visitors an opportunity to witness the herds of mustangs thriving in their natural habitat, coexisting harmoniously with the environment.

Salt River, Arizona


The Salt River, which flows through the Sonoran Desert, hosts a population of wild horses that have successfully adapted to the challenging desert environment. These horses symbolize resilience and strength as they thrive despite the harsh conditions.

Cerbat Mountains, Arizona

Charles McQuillan/Getty

In the arid landscape of Arizona’s Cerbat Mountains, herds of wild horses gallivant effortlessly, their hooves echoing against the rocky terrain. Feel the thrill of watching these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area, Colorado

George Frey/Getty

Tucked away in the high desert of western Colorado, this area is a sanctuary for wild mustangs. Visitors can also see blue and red roans, bays, sorrels, appaloosas, and palominos.

Tonto National Forest, Arizona

U.S. Department of the Interior/Getty

Spanning nearly three million acres of rugged terrain, Tonto National Forest is a haven for wildlife, including herds of wild horses. About 400 equines stroll the terrain, and you will encounter a band of them.

McCullough Peaks, Wyoming


Located just outside the iconic Yellowstone National Park, McCullough Peaks is home to a population of wild horses that have thrived in the harsh Wyoming wilderness for centuries. Witness these resilient creatures as they wander in the sagebrush-covered hillsides.

Ochoco Mountains, Oregon

Charles McQuillan/Getty

Deep within the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon lies a remote and untouched wilderness where herds of wild horses gallivant free. This rugged terrain, adorned with sprawling pine forests and winding streams, offers a unique opportunity to explore and encounter these iconic symbols of the American West.

Cumberland Island, Georgia


Cumberland Island, steeped in history and natural glamour, offers a rare opportunity to watch the splendor of wild horses in their natural habitat against the backdrop of the Georgia coastline wilderness. This awe-inspiring sight is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Tania Gail/Wikimedia

The windswept shores of North Carolina’s Outer Banks are home to a storied population of feral Colonial Spanish Mustangs. Believed to be descendants of Spanish horses shipwrecked along the coast centuries ago, these resilient animals ramble freely along this paradise’s sandy beaches and maritime forests.

Navajo Nation, Arizona/New Mexico/Utah

Don Graham/Wikimedia

For centuries, wild horses have roamed the rugged landscapes of the Navajo Nation, found in the American Southwest. Witness the rich cultural legacy and natural beauty of this vast tribal land as you encounter bands of mustangs grazing beneath expansive desert skies.


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