15 Gorgeous Ducks From Across the Globe

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Ducks are not just ordinary pond inhabitants. They are a diverse and fascinating group of birds found in various habitats, from Antarctica’s icy waters to Southeast Asia’s humid jungles. Whether you are an experienced bird enthusiast or enjoy watching them, there is always something new to discover in the wonderful world of ducks. So get your binoculars ready, and let’s explore 15 amazing duck species.

Mandarin Duck

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The Mandarin duck is a true showstopper, with its vibrant feathers resembling a work of art. Native to East Asia, it boasts orange, green, and purple hues, making it a prized sight for birdwatchers.

Wood Duck

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Wood ducks are commonly found in North America and are renowned for their stunning iridescent feathers and strikingly patterned faces. It’s a master of aerial acrobatics, effortlessly navigating through dense forests.



Perhaps the most recognizable of all ducks, the mallard is ubiquitous across the Northern Hemisphere. Its emerald head and distinctive quack are synonymous with ponds and parks worldwide.


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Teals are small, dabbling ducks known for their rapid wing beats and swift flight. With their iridescent green patches, these birds add a touch of elegance to wetlands from Europe to Asia.


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Resilient and resourceful, eiders brave the chilly waters of the Arctic and subarctic regions. These large sea ducks are famous for their down feathers, coveted for warmth and buoyancy.



Named for its bright yellow eye, the goldeneye is a diving duck from northern Eurasia and North America. Its sleek black-and-white plumage offers a striking sight on mountain lakes and coastal waters.



Shelducks are unmistakable with their bold coloration and peculiar bill shape. These large, goose-like ducks inhabit coastal areas and estuaries, feeding on numerous marine creatures.


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Sporting long, slender necks and pointed tails, they are graceful ducks found across six continents. Their elegant appearance and swift flight make them a favorite among bird enthusiasts.



The canvasback is known for its broad, sloping bill and excellent diving abilities. Native to North America, it frequents shallow lakes and marshes for aquatic plants.


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With its striking black-and-white plumage and delicate features, the smew is often called the “elegant diver.” This small sea duck breeds in northern Europe and Asia, favoring wooded lakes and rivers.

Fulvous Whistling Duck


Known for its bright orange feathers and long neck, the fulvous whistling duck is a tropical species inhabited in the Americas, Africa, and parts of Asia. Its melodious call echoes across marshes and wetlands.

Tufted Duck


A diving duck like the tufted duck is characterized by its typical black-and-white plumes and tufted crest. It’s a common sight in freshwater lakes and reservoirs across Europe and Asia.

Northern Shoveler

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Aptly named for its oversized, shovel-shaped bill, the northern shoveler is a dabbling duck with a widespread distribution. Known for their distinctive feeding behavior, they often filter water through their bill to sift out food.

Ring-necked Duck


The ring-necked duck has no visible ring on its neck despite its name. Instead, it’s recognized by the subtle ring around its bill. This particular duck breeds in North America and winters in southern regions.

Falcated Duck

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The falcated duck is a rare and elusive species native to East Asia. With its iridescent green head and unusual curled tail feathers, it’s a prized find for birdwatchers exploring the wetlands of China and Japan.


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