15 Creatures That Give Pythons A Hard Time


Few encounters are as captivating as those between pythons and the creatures that outmaneuver them. Pythons, with their powerful coils and stealthy approach, are formidable predators. Yet, nature has equipped other animals with unique adaptations and strategies to evade their grasp. Swipe with us as we share 15 remarkable animals that have mastered evading one of nature’s most formidable predators.

African Bullfrog


The African bullfrog, one of the largest frog species, has a unique defense mechanism against predators like pythons. When threatened, it inflates itself, making it hard for a python to swallow. Its strong hind legs can also push against the predator, aiding in its escape.


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Agile and quick, mongooses are well-known for their ability to fight and kill snakes. Their swift movements allow them to dodge a python’s strike and deliver a fatal bite, often targeting the head or neck region to incapacitate the snake.



Civets are small, nocturnal mammals that prey on pythons. Thanks to their agility and nocturnal habits, they are efficient hunters who can avoid detection by their snake prey.

Monitor Lizard

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With their excellent climbing skills, monitor lizards can escape a python’s grasp by climbing trees or seeking refuge in burrows. Their strong legs and claws give them the necessary leverage to climb swiftly and avoid predation.

Secretary Bird


This large bird of prey employs a unique hunting strategy against pythons. With its long legs and brawny feet, the secretary bird can deliver powerful kicks that incapacitate the snake and deter further assaults.



While not a typical encounter, crocodiles prey on pythons, especially in aquatic environments. Their rugged, scaly skin and brawny jaws make them formidable opponents, capable of overpowering and consuming them.

Birds of Prey


Eagles, hawks, and owls assault pythons, notably smaller individuals or juveniles. These birds use their sharp talons and beak to deliver precise strikes, often targeting vulnerable areas to dispatch the snake efficiently.

King Cobra


While pythons are not typical prey for king cobras, these venomous snakes attack and consume them. With their potent venom, king cobras can subdue a python.

Wild Boar


Wild boars are reputed for their aggressiveness and powerful tusks, which they can use to injure or kill a python that attempts to assault them. Their strong defensive capabilities make them challenging prey for pythons.

Reticulated Python

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In rare cases, more enormous reticulated pythons may attack and consume smaller pythons. These encounters are infrequent and typically occur when food sources are scarce.

Honey Badger


The honey badger is a worthy opponent for pythons. It is renowned for its fearless nature and thick, loose skin that allows it to twist and turn within a predator’s grasp. Despite their size, these tenacious creatures can resist a python’s constriction and retaliate with their sharp claws and teeth, many times emerging victorious in such encounters.

Mongoose Lemur


This primate species has been observed hunting and killing snakes, including pythons, in Madagascar. With their sharp teeth and quick movements, mongoose lemurs can effectively prey on snakes, contributing to their diet in the wild.

Water Buffalo


While not direct predators of pythons, water buffaloes’ size and strength make them challenging targets. A python attempting to attack a water buffalo may find it difficult to subdue such a large and sturdy animal, often leading to unsuccessful predation attempts.


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With its sharp quills, a porcupine can deter a python’s attack by inflicting painful injuries. The quills can also make it difficult for the snake to swallow the porcupine, allowing it to escape.



Armadillos have a hard, protective shell that can serve as a defense against a python’s bite. They can curl up into a ball, making it challenging for the snake to grip them effectively.


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