15 Birds You’ll Probably Find At Your Feeder


Your backyard bird feeder is a vibrant hub of feathered activity! That’s delightful, but who are these lively characters flitting in and out for a seedy snack? From the dazzling flash of a cardinal to the persistent chirp of a house sparrow, this guide will equip you to identify your regular feeder visitors. Grab your binoculars, unleash your inner birdwatcher, and get ready to recognize the feathered locals who grace your backyard with their presence!

The Stylish Cardinal Couple: The Haute Couture of the Bird World Brings Romance to Your Yard


With their striking red plumage, male cardinals make a dazzling statement at feeders. But don’t overlook the elegant females with warm reddish twinges and sharp masks. These lovebirds mate for life, bringing a touch of avian romance to every garden.

The Industrious House Finch: This Rosy Finch is a Feeder Factory Worker 

Cavan Images/Getty

House finches are the ultimate feeder freeloaders, descending in chatty, rosy-red groups. Males sport bright rumps and breasts, while females are more subdued striped brown. Their incessant twittering and squabbles make them hard to miss.

The Hyperactive Chickadee: These Tiny Black-Capped Burritos Can’t Sit Still


Chickadees are the energy drink-fueled aerobics instructors of the bird feeder crowd. The black-capped, white-cheeked puffballs flit from perch to feeder to tree with inexhaustible vigor. Their friendly “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” call is the soundtrack to any feeder scene.

The Flame-Headed House Sparrow: These Urban Thugs Aren’t Picky About Seeds or Manners  

Jean Landry/Getty

House sparrows are the notoriously greedy mob bosses of the feeder set, bullying and monopolizing every available perch. The males’ burgundy bibs and slick white crowns give them a wiseguy vibe as they squawk for territory.

The Dapper Tufted Titmouse: This Classy Gray Number Wears a Jaunty Crest


With their neat slate-gray plumage and jaunty peaked heads, tufted titmice look like feathered high society. But don’t let their polished look fool you – they squabble noisily with sparrows and efficiently handle giant seeds.

The Boisterous Blue Jay: This Sassy Blue Hustler Rules the Feeder Roost


When a raucous blue jay arrives, other birds had better brace themselves. These gorgeous blue bullies shove their way to the front of the feeder line with loud calls and striking black-neck collars. 

The Stylish Black-Capped Chickadee: A Dapper Pint-Sized Acrobat in a Tuxedo Suit


Don’t let their diminutive size fool you – black-capped chickadees are athletic and fearless. These vibrant birds have a black cap and white cheeks, giving them a formal aviana gala look.

The Radiant Red-Bellied Woodpecker: This Zebra-Backed Stunner is a Feeder Grillmaster

Carol Hamilton/Getty

With their zebra-backed black-and-white patterns and rosy blush underneath, red-bellied woodpeckers cut a dashing figure at feeders. Their distinct rolling chortle can make you think Woody Woodpecker stopped by.

The Inquisitive White-Breasted Nuthatch: This Upside-Down Harlequin Clown Has a Trick Up Its Sleeve


Nuthatches are the slapstick performance artists of the bird world. They scratch upside-down on tree trunks and feeders alike. Their bold black-eye stripes, blue-gray coats, and rusty undersides are amusing.

The Bashful Mourning Dove: Don’t Let Their Mournful Look Fool You, They’re Greedy Ground Guests

Karel Bock/Getty

With their plump tan bodies and dainty black eye markings, mourning doves always look downtrodden. But these ground feeders’ mournful cooing belies their eagerness to hoover up scattered seed.

The Bossy Northern Mockingbird: This Sassy Gray Mimic Patrols His Turf with Bold Bravado


Don’t cross a northern mockingbird. These feisty gray garden bullies will fearlessly chase off birds much bigger than themselves with raucous calls. Their white wing patches make them easy to identify as they brazenly raid feeders.

The Jaunty Carolina Wren: This Rufous Sprite Has a Voice Bigger Than Its Body

William Krumpelman/Getty

Carolina wrens are feisty cinnamon-colored scrappers with a boisterous tea kettle-whistle song way out of proportion to their diminutive size. Their white eyebrow stripes and upturned tails give them a perky look as they pester feeders.

The Dapper Song Sparrow: This Streaky Brown Trendsetter Wears a Crisp Bib and Peepers


With their warm brown streaky backs, crisp dark breast bibs and sweet peepers, song sparrows look like they wandered out of a Patagonia catalog shoot. Their spirited trilling songs brighten up backyard feeders.

The Suave Red-Winged Blackbird: This Feeder Fashionisto Flashes a Dapper Crimson Shoulder Cape


Glossy red-winged blackbirds strut their stuff with fire engine epaulets and raspy conk-la-re calls. The males blaze into feeders, showing off their crimson shoulder capes to drab tan females.

The Backyard Bully Boat-Tailed Grackle: These Iridescent Feeder Mobs Keep the Peanut Buffet Strictly for Themselves

Bob Mullen/Getty

Like a gang of feathered bouncers, the glossy, iridescent boat-tailed grackles monopolize backyard peanut buffets through sheer brawn. Their excessive squawking and squabbling announce their bully tactics as they dominate feeders.


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