15 Animals That Attack Scorpions


When considering their venomous sting, scorpions might seem like apex predators in desert and nocturnal environments. However, these eight-legged arthropods are on the menu for a surprising number of creatures. Here’s a closer look at 15 fearless hunters who have developed unique strategies to overcome the scorpion’s defenses.


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These social mammals are not scorpion’s best friends. Their pups are vulnerable, but not their adults, who have a tough outer layer of skin and incredible reflexes. They work together to outmaneuver scorpions, flipping them over to give a non-lethal bite to the softer underside.



Famous for their mongoose-versus-cobra battles, these agile predators are just as skilled at taking down scorpions. With lightning-fast reactions, they can dodge a scorpion’s strike and deliver a counter-attack before another sting comes. 

Earless Monitor Lizard


Built for brute force, these large African lizards are particularly fond of scorpions. Their thick claws and powerful jaws overpower even the toughest scorpions, and their armored scales offer some protection if a sting is unavoidable.



Centipedes and scorpions are both arthropods and occasional rivals. Giant centipedes can prevail over and eat scorpions, but the fight isn’t one-sided. Both creatures must be cautious to avoid being stung by their opponent.


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Scorpion-hunting spiders produce venom that can quickly paralyze a scorpion, rendering it defenseless. These specialized hunters are typically larger than most scorpions and possess venom potent enough to prevail over a scorpion’s defenses.

Fennec Fox


Don’t let their adorable appearance fool you. Fennec foxes, with their oversized ears, are exceptional predators. Their sense of smell and hearing is keen enough to locate scorpions buried in the sand, and their small size allows them to get as close as they need to deliver a surprise pounce.


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Several wasp species, particularly those in the Scoliidae family, have evolved a specialized hunting strategy for scorpions. These wasps can overpower and paralyze a scorpion with their sting. Then, they lay their eggs on the paralyzed scorpion, ensuring a fresh food source for their developing larvae.

Ant Army


While individual ants might seem easy prey for a scorpion, some ants have a secret weapon: teamwork. Army ants, known for their massive colonies and coordinated attacks, can overwhelm scorpions with sheer numbers. They can swarm a scorpion, overpowering its defenses and stinging over and over until it succumbs.



These nocturnal birds are excellent hunters with superb vision and silent flight. They can snatch scorpions by surprise, making them a silent threat in the scorpion’s nighttime world. Owls have incredible hearing and can pinpoint the exact location of even the faintest sound, like a scorpion scuttling across the sand.


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These rainforest mammals, also known as honey bears, have a surprising taste for scorpions. Having a thick fur protects them from stings, while their long claws helps them reach into crevices where scorpions hide, making them adept at unearthing the prey when in hiding.



Known for their speedy chases after lizards and snakes, roadrunners also include scorpions in their diet. Their long legs and sharp beaks make them well-suited for hunting scorpions. They can outrun a scorpion’s attack and use their beak to give a fatal blow.



Giant tarantulas are formidable predators. With venom strong enough to paralyze a scorpion and sharp fangs to deliver a killing bite, they easily overpower and eat scorpions. When these two arachnids meet, the tables are definitely turned.



Believe it or not, some scorpions will eat other scorpions, especially if food is scarce. It is more likely to happen between different scorpion types, with the larger or hungrier scorpion emerging victorious.


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Many kinds of lizards, including geckos and whiptails, are opportunistic eaters and will readily consume scorpions if they can. Their agility and speed allow them to dodge a scorpion’s strike and snatch a quick meal.



Some places consider scorpions a delicacy and may fry or roast them. In fact, they’re even believed to have medicinal properties in some cultures. When not being killed for food, some humans kill scorpions they find around them to prevent being stung later.


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