Watch This Dog Cry When Reunited With Owners


I will never cease to be amazed at the kind of love a dog is able to provide.   Considering how little we actually give them back in return, it’s incredible.  Even great dog owners spend time with them, bathe them, bring them to the vet, feed them, play with them, but are they really the number one priority in our lives.  Often times the answer is no.  It’s not that it’s anything to feel bad about.  I’m just making a point.

However, with dogs?  Their worlds truly do revolve around us.  And it shows in their loyalty and love they show us.  What’s incredible is that it seems no matter how much time passes or even if they’ve moved on to other homes, a dog reunion is always genuine and a dog will never forget an owner who’s treated them with kindness and love.  Sometimes they’ll even shed a tear of happiness upon reuniting.  Just like Cayenne here.

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