Everyone’s Talking About Tom Hardy and His Dog at the Legend Premiere


Tom Hardy stepped out on the red carpet premiere of Legend in London recently.  But there was one guest that surprised everyone:  his dog Woody.   The yellow lab mix accompanied his owner on the red carpet and got just as much attention as the film’s star.   Technically Hardy’s date was his wife Charlotte Riley, and his parents looked stunning.  But all eyes were on Woody.  Hardy and Woody gave each other kisses, took selfies, and even showed off some doggy skills.

No one could have expected this kind of surprise and the media ate it up.  Woody’s a gorgeous animal and we can only imagine how awesome a life he must have.  Still though, we can figure out who’s cuter.  Woody or Hardy?  Only you can be the judge of that one.  Check out a few more pictures of the duo below!




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