The 20 Best Places to Retire in 2016

best cities for retirement

What makes a location a wonderful place to retire? Family would be my first guess, but personal preference always wins out in the end. At 32, my husband and I are a long way from retirement, but we already know we want to go somewhere with seasons. Lifelong Floridians, we are quite tired of the constant heat, the never-changing weather and the lack of holiday spirit in shorts and tee shirts. Sure, we could move now, but we have four small kids and all our family is here and that doesn’t seem very fair to the kids. However, one day we might consider one of the best places to retire – even if it won’t be 2016 anymore and these might not be the best places to retire. Right now, those, these are the most recommended cities for retirement based on cost of living, crime rates, taxes, weather and the opportunity for an active lifestyle.

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