20 Money Saving Mistakes People Always Make More than Once

Staying with Relatives

11.  Staying With Relatives

Worse than inviting another couple on vacation to split costs with you is staying with family while traveling just to avoid having to pay for a hotel. If you really want to spend time with them fine–but if you are just looking for a bed and breakfast, it simply won’t work. Before long you will be fixing Aunt Mimi’s garage door, and your partner will be held hostage by Uncle Jim telling old war stories. So what if it’s Florida, if they don’t like to crank up the air conditioner in July you will melt and curse the heat. Better to check into a budget hotel and take them out for lunch once during your trip. Unfortunately, when the next wedding or reunion invite comes along, you will probably do it again, as you did save a bundle after all. Aunt Mimi won’t take no for an answer, as your last visit was so great and the expectations are set.