20 Money Saving Mistakes People Always Make More than Once

Multi Family Vacation

10. Sharing your Vacation With Another Couple

Getting a great beachfront condo rental that you can afford only if you go halves with your friends seems like a great idea on paper. You will split the cost of renting, you will only have to buy one bottle of ketchup, and it will be so much fun! In reality it is not a good idea. If you have to split even the most luxurious ocean view quarters with another couple, you can bet that you will want to drown them in the surf before the sun rises on the second day. You think you got a bargain, but having to look at your next door neighbor drinking morning margaritas draped only in a towel may not be worth the money you saved. Yet, you will all pose for photos to put on Facebook telling all of your non-vacationing friends what a super time you are having, and your getaway buddies will suggest that you book the place again for next year.