Back to School Shopping on a Budget

It’s getting close to back to school time. Yes, that may mean more quiet time for you, but it may also mean bad times for your wallet! Shopping for school supplies can get expensive. Here are some tips that may help you with saving some cash while back to school shopping.

Check out Stores like Staples

Every week around this time, Staples has 1 cent deals. There’s a limit of 4 per item, usually, when you spend $5. One week you may score index cards and another week you may snag some post-it’s really cheap! They have things on sale for $.25 as well! Keep those eyes open! Check out more about Staples deals here.

Shop the Dollar Store

If you can get a plastic pencil-case at the dollar store that was $1.99 somewhere else, then that’s a great deal! However, don’t let the name fool you. You can actually find yourself spending a ton. For instance, don’t stock up on notebooks for $1 when you can get them at another store for $.50 each!

Do your research

Look at store circulars and on store websites to compare deals. I know when you have kids it’s hard to find the time, but if you give yourself just 10 minutes to compare two or three circulars for what your kids’ need for the upcoming school year, you will keep more cash where it belongs…in your wallet!

Make a list, check it twice

After you do your research, jot down prices you see at other stores so you don’t overspend. Keep your list in the car so you have it if you need to go to a store at the spur of the moment. You never know when you may take an unexpected trip to the store that was on your list!

Back to school shopping is stressful, but, with the tips above you will be less stressed with more cash!