10 U.S. States People are Leaving and Where They’re Going Instead

columbus ohio


Total Inbound Moves: 43.5%
Total Outbound Moves: 56.5%
Most prevalent inbound age: 65 or older
Most prevalent outbound age: <18 to 34
Most common inbound income: $150,000+
Most common outbound income: $150,000+

Ranking sixth in the United Van Lines study is Ohio, whose scores were almost too close to tell. While the most prevalent inbound age was 65 or older (at 23.97%), 35 to 44 came in at 20.66%, and <18 to 34 at 21.77%. As with outbound, <18 to 34 took the lead with 24.89% of respondents, with 65 or older at 23.79% and 55 to 64 right behind that at almost 23%. The primary reason for both inbound and outbound moves in Ohio were job relocations by a large margin.


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