10 U.S. States People are Leaving and Where They’re Going Instead

boise idaho


Total Inbound Moves: 62.4%
Total Outbound Moves: 37.6%
Most prevalent inbound age: 65 or older
Most prevalent outbound age: 55 to 64
Most common inbound income: $150,000+
Most common outbound income: tie between $75,00 to $99,999 and $100,000 to $150,000

Unlike most of the other states who cited “jobs” and “family” as their biggest reasons for moving, Idaho saw the largest number of inbound moves due to retirement (34.35%) and a desire for a lifestyle change (almost 26%). On the other hand, relocating because of a job was the #1 reason participants moved out of Idaho (61.9% of them actually).


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