Robin Williams’ Son Pays Tribute To His Dad In A Beautiful Way

Robin Williams was a bright light in the entertainment industry that went out way too soon. Throughout his life and career, he brought smiles and laughs to millions with his work. His outgoing nature, funny characters, and welcoming spirit automatically drew people in. However, at the time of his untimely and shocking passing in 2014, Williams was truly putting on a facade and, unknown to most, was battling his own demons underneath all of the jokes. When he made the decision to take his own life, he was struggling with both physical and mental health issues.

Though grieving, his family and friends have committed to continuing his legacy. Williams’ eldest son, Zak Williams, in particular, has been in the forefront and has spoken out about mental health awareness. Zak, who recently became a father to a newborn son, is now also honoring his late father in a very sweet way. Read on to learn more about the late comedian and his son’s beautiful tribute to his dad through his own child.