Neighbors Are In Awe As They Watch A Little Girl Approach Her Favorite Garbageman

Photo Courtesy: [Delvar Dopson/Facebook]

A local sanitation worker named Delvar Dopson created a lifetime bond with a little girl named Brooklyn Andracke, and how he met her is pretty extraordinary. A friendly neighbor of Brooklyn became curious as she noticed that their garbageman would often stop for quite some time every time he passed their street.

When she went to investigate what was going on, she was surprised to find that Brooklyn and her mother were talking to the garbageman and thought that it was the sweetest thing to see that Brooklyn was infatuated with Delvar. This made Delvar a celebrity in the neighborhood, and everyone was fascinated with Brooklyn and Delvar’s friendship. So, if you want to learn more about this incredible story, check out this article.