10 Excellent Holiday Gifts for Travelers

holiday gifts for travelers

Holiday shopping is in full force, and is limited in the time department so you have only a few more days to find the perfect holiday gifts for travelers in your life. Anyone who travels through the airport more than five or six times a year is a frequent traveler, and those are the people who will benefit most from the items we’ve rounded up. As someone who travels often – though more admittedly on shorter weekend trips throughout the year – I can tell you with confidence that there are certain travel gifts that make life much, much simpler at the airport and when you are stuck in hotels.

No matter your budget or your personal taste, we have a long list of amazing holiday gifts for travelers you can choose from. Each one is designed to make travel easier in some aspect, and each one is also just really cool. Your favorite travelers will love their new holiday gifts, and each one will imagine you spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect gift just right for them.

Here’s the thing about holiday gifts for travelers and anyone else on your list; useless junk is a waste of money. I don’t care to sound harsh, but I’d prefer those gifting me things on Christmas to spend their money wisely – or not at all, because I love giving. However, I love that my mother has taken to no longer giving me a million candles I’ll never use (she realized quickly I’m a candle snob and only like Partylite candles to burn in my home) and other things that we don’t or can’t really use and has taken to wrapping up things we really do use – Lowes gift cards, toilet paper, paper towels, and practical items we actually use (seriously, she does the toilet paper and paper towel thing; it started as a joke a few years ago but we use that stuff so I really did appreciate not having to figure out how to carry it around the store while shopping with the twins in their stroller).

If you have holiday gifts for travelers on your list, we have some that will really make their travels that much more enjoyable. My husband has given me several of the items on this list, and I have given him many as well. We love to travel, so these items usually accompany a long weekend away somewhere (which comes as the big gift) once the holidays are over. Here are some of my favorite holiday gifts for travelers, tested, used and approved by me and those I know who travel often.

kate spade passport holder

Kate Spade Cedar Dot Passport Holder – $78

Kate Spade is one of my favorites, and for good reason. However, her passport holders are among my favorite in the world because they are durable, stylish and they come in so many different colors. While the Cedar Dot is my favorite, I also love the solid colors as well. Frequent travelers love the idea of a stylish passport cover; and it also helps your passport stand out from everything else in your bag so it’s much easier to reach and much easier to locate when you’re in a hurry running through the airport.

olloclip camera lens

Olloclip Camera Lens – $80

One of the most amazing holiday gifts for travelers, the Olloclip camera lens is perfect for anyone who loves to travel and take photos but does not want to lug around a large camera – think parents. I’ve added this to my list of things I’d like this holiday from my own husband. It makes the perfect holiday gift for travelers, though I envision myself using this amazing camera lens and its four choices most often on our days and evenings at Disney since our phones have such a difficult time navigating the light in Disney meet and greet rooms.

herschel luggage

Hershel Supply Co Trade Rolling Hard Shell Suitcase – $250+

This is the most amazing luggage you will find anywhere at this point in time. After having a beautiful set of DvF luggage that went through the airport on average 8 times a year for about a decade, not including all the weekend hotel trips, the times it was climbed in and played in by our kids and the number of times it was tossed in the back of a car or on a luggage cart, it held up like a champ. However, it finally met its end and required replacement. That’s when my husband and I bought this set of hard shell luggage and have never looked back. Amazing holiday gifts for travelers includes a set of amazing luggage, and this one fits the bill unlike any other. It meets size requirements, it’s hard so you need not worry about it tearing or becoming damaged, and it has  gorgeous colored lining and wipes clean in a second.

tsa gift set

Flight 101 TSA Pop Gift Set – $35

This is the perfect last minute holiday gift for travelers. Not only is it highly affordable, it’s also a thoughtful gift that will make their travels much simpler. The gift set comes with a soft and luxurious eye mask designed so that you can get some sleep in flight. It also comes with a nylon bag that is just the right size for all your TSA approved items that required a bag at check-in (all those under three ounce items), and it also comes with luggage tags so that the travelers in your life always have a fun and unique way of locating their luggage when at baggage claim. This also comes in more than one color, so your last minute holiday gift for travelers will seem that much more personal.

on the go travel bags

Flight 101 On the Go Drawstring Travel Bags – $28

Ask yourself what you always need when you are traveling; bags. The best holiday gifts for travelers include this highly affordable set right here; this is a set that includes a bag for lingerie, for shoes and even one for beach wear or dirty clothing so that your clean items are protected from the things that might make them less than clean, required to be washed when you get home even though you never wore them or just shouldn’t come into contact with clothes. There are three bags included in the set, so the traveler on your gift list is going to find that this is a fun and useful holiday gift for travelers.

anker astro charger

Anker Astro E4 13000mAh Classic Portable Charger – $30

This is a cool holiday gift for travelers because it can be used anywhere. We recently took a trip that required picking up a rental car when we landed, and I was shocked when the car did not have an outlet. I have been driving vehicles at home with outlets for years, and I temporarily forgot that I can unplug my outlet cover from my phone and use the USB port to charge it in the car. This is something you can use to charge your electronics when you are in the airport, on a flight or anywhere else without a charger available. The memory and battery are long, too, so you can charge multiple times throughout the day before this item has to be charged, too. It makes the perfect holiday gift for travelers.

cabeau pillow

Cabeau Evolution Pillow – $30

Every traveler needs this in their life if they spend any amount of time on a plane. Not only does this amazing pillow have the ability to roll up and fold nicely down into a compact little area for easy storage, it also has a compartment for your phone, and speakers connected. You can take the cover off of this item to wash when you arrive home, too. This is a great holiday gift for travelers that’s designed to keep them comfortable, stylish and still maintain their packing efficiency when they are en route to a new location. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to throw this pillow into a carryon and forget about it until it is time to rest and relax on your next flight.

rebecca minkoff luggage roll

Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry Roll – $48

On a recent trip to New York City, my husband realized that I stick all my jewelry in various even clutches, leaving me digging through all my evening bags for earrings and accessories when we are getting ready for a night out. The following day, while shopping, he came across this Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry roll and immediately purchased it for me, tracking me down in the shoe department to make sure I saw it right away. It was so sweet. I can now store all my jewelry in this stylish and appropriate case, and there are even individual pockets and locations for my rings, my earrings and everything else. It’s the perfect holiday gift for travelers who wear jewelry and want to keep it organized and safe when traveling. Having it all in one place makes it easy to store in the hotel safe, and it also makes it more stylish to travel with. Include this holiday gift for travelers on your life for any women who love to spend time traveling.

bose quiet comfort

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 – $300

I’m not typically a fan of large headphones, but these babies will cancel out all the noise on any flight. Since I have four kids, including a set of 1-year-old twins, it’s very important for me to be able to drown out the sound of their screaming so I’m not bothered when we fly. I kid; I kid. They’re great flyers who enjoy it and are well-behaved so I don’t even need these to drown them out.

However, this is a perfect holiday gift for travelers because it does allow you to listen to music, television or a book without worrying about hearing that obnoxious drunk, the irritating snoring man behind you or that creepy man next to you working every possible angle despite the fact that your husband is right there. I mean, really people.

bose speaker

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker – $119

What can I say about this other than the fact that this might be the best item to ever give as a holiday gift for travelers? I don’t know, honestly. This is, hands down, one of the most remarkable items I’ve ever owned, and I have to say that with fierce honesty. My mother-in-law presented us with one last Christmas, and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to us when we travel. We stick it in our luggage and we have music in all our hotel rooms. We love music, love to get ready for the day and to go out with music playing, and it’s not that much fun to listen to the tinny sounds coming from our iPhones as we are getting ready in a large room.

This speaker, however, is like having a party in our room no matter where we are – but quietly and respectfully so that we don’t bother anyone near us (because we are nice people). This speaker has been with us on a group trip to Jamaica where we danced and had more fun than anyone else on our balcony (even the people on the beach below us would get up and dance and ask if they could come to our room since we were having the most fun). It’s been to our lake house in Tennessee during our annual summer of fun boating on the lake, it’s been with us to New York, California, North Carolina, and every hotel we’ve ever been to in the past year. This is an item you must add to your list of holiday gifts for travelers because it’s one that will change the lives of travelers forever, I assure you.

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