Are you Over Vaccinating Your Pets?


Vaccinations are such a hot topic we can’t even just leave them for parents to debate about their children. In fact, we have to worry about our pets, too. But the difference between vaccinating our children and saving their lives and making it entirely possible to eradicate disease and vaccinating our pets from illnesses they catch from other animals is that it is entirely possible to over-vaccinate a pet. Many vets will tell you that it’s time to vaccinate your pets every year, but the practice is not a good one. In fact, vaccinating your pets yearly is something that the American Animal Hospital Association announced back in 2003 that the frequency with which you should vaccinate your dog is only once every three years. If your vet is still encouraging you to do this annually, it’s time to either talk to your vet about your concerns doing this or find a new vet. Not all vets have become enlightened as to the ways of the world in terms of vaccinating pets just yet, and it’s important that you do not over-vaccinate your dogs.

If you’re unsure how to deal with this topic, take your dog to the vet for his or her annual check up and speak with your vet about your concerns. Discuss the many vaccinations available, how they work, what your dog actually needs and where he or she stands as far as overall health. Your dog’s health is important, so you shouldn’t take him to the vet only every 3 years; he should still go for his annual exam. Your vet can give you a clearer idea of what is necessary as far as vaccinations are concerned. Additionally, it never hurts to do some research of your own to find out what it is you need to know about vaccinations so that you can make the most of your dog’s veterinary visits.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images