10 Most Popular Boy Names that Start with J

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The letter J is one of the most common letters in the alphabet in terms of names for little boys. There seem to be more names that begin with J than just about any other name; and so many of those names have interesting nicknames. While the list changes on a yearly basis in terms of which names are most popular for little boys, it never changes so much from year to year that these names aren’t somewhere on the list of top 100 baby names for little boys, and they all begin with J. And this year, they all broke the top 50.


It’s the most popular name for little boys that begins with a J at the moment. It’s not the most popular name, but it’s up there. Many people use this name because it’s a strong name. It’s a biblical name, and it’s such a little boy’s name. Many people use the nickname Jake on their Jacobs, and it works for everyone. To add a little fun fact here, Jacob was the number one name for little boy’s from 1999 to 2012, being replaced by Noah in 2013. Before Jacob, Michael was the number one name for little boys in the country from 1954 to 1998 with a one year interruption for the name David in 1960. It just goes to show that little boy names don’t change much in popularity for many years, particularly those considered classic, timeless names.


This is not a name that’s been popular for as long as some of the more traditional names for little boys. However, celebrities such as Britney Spears and Will Smith helped to make the name a more popular one by giving it to their own little boys. Jay is a common nickname, and it’s also a name that’s used fairly often on little girls. It’s more of a unisex name these days than it is a name that works only on boys.


One of the most traditional little boy names in the world, James is still as popular as ever. It’s the name of many a royal men, it’s the name of many important historical men, and it’s the name of many very important modern men. This name, as it seems, is a strong one that seems to result in success and power. It might be one of the many reasons that so many people choose to use this name, though many of them prefer it as a middle name to a first name. James spent 12 years topping the list of most popular boy names from 1940 to 1952 before it was replaced by Robert and eventually Michael for decades.


What was once a very common surname in the US has now become a very popular first name. Perhaps it was the introduction of the very handsome Dr. Jackson Avery to the hit show Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago, but it seems that his is a name that has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. It’s more common now than ever before, and it’s partly because Jack makes such a great nickname.


Joseph is a name parents have been using for centuries. It’s a very common middle name, though it’s just as common when used as a first name. Many people who go by the name Joseph use their nickname instead of their full name. Commonly, Joseph’s are called Joe or Joey, and the names are all very popular across the US.


It’s not too often you hear someone use the full name Joshua. However, it’s very common to hear people use the name Josh. While not all Josh’s are actually Joshuas, many are. This is a name that’s been used for many years, and it’s a name that many people consider very popular as evidenced by the fact that it almost always makes the list of most popular boy names in the world.


John. It’s the most common name in the world. Actually, we don’t know that for a fact, but it certainly seems as if it is, does it not? John is such a common name, whether it’s the most common or not. What is true about this name is that it always makes it onto the list of most popular names for little boys. It could be because it’s not trendy or stylish. It’s more subtle and established, and sometimes that’s all a parent wants when they choose a name for their sons. Additionally, many people choose their son’s names as Jrs. Or II or III or IV, so this name might actually be popular simply because it’s been passed down from generation to generation.


Jack is short, simple and sweet. It’s to the point, it’s cute and it’s such a boy’s boy name. Nothing in the world seems to be as much a boy’s name as the name Jack, which is why so many people choose to use this name when they are naming their little ones. We love it because it’s simple and masculine, and because there is something so elegant about the name.


Another name that’s very popular for a little boy is Jonathan. It can be spelled several different ways, and it’s another name that’s very often used as a family name. Many Jonathan’s also go by John for short, and it’s never really easy to tell who has the full name or who is a real John. What we do know, however, is that it’s been on the most popular list for a long time. Obviously, parents like the name.


To be honest, we aren’t sure how this name makes the list as a name of its own rather than an addition to the “Jackson” category. However, despite the fact that they are pronounced the same exact way, it seems that the name Jaxon is quite different than the name Jackson, and therefore, it deserves its own special spot on the list of most popular boy names of the year.

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