10 Toddler Moments that You Will Never Forget


What constitutes a toddler? This is a question many parents debate and no one agrees. I consider a toddler anyone who dresses in a “T” size (you know, 2T to 5T) but that doesn’t necessarily work for all kids. For example, my 1-year-old twins will probably begin wearing 2T when they are 4 as tiny as they are, so they’d definitely be toddlers. Others believe it’s anyone 1 through 3 and everything over that is a “real” child (as opposed to the faux children your toddlers are). Either way, toddlers may or may not be a wide array of small kids, so for the sake of argument and this article, let’s say that toddlers are 1-3. That said, this is a fun age because it’s when all the good stuff happens. Sure, they’ve probably already taken their first steps and things of that nature, but it’s when kids begin the toddler stage that they get really fun (and fun is a very relative term when it comes to toddlers). Once your kids become toddler age, there will be so many things you never want to forget, and a few you can’t forget if you try. Want to know what they are? Read on to find out (and trust me; I have an almost 7-year-old, a 4-year-old and those 1-year-old twins we discussed earlier….so I’ve been going through toddler phases for quite some time).

The First “I Love You”

Your little one might utter a few words here and there, but the first time he or she wraps those little arms around your neck and states that he or she loves you is a moment you will never forget. It’s like they finally get it and they want you to know that it’s real, and you will hold that moment in your heart for the rest of your life.

The First Bike

When your toddler gets that very first bike – usually from Santa Claus – and rides off into the sunset, it’s a moment you will never forget. Even if your little one has training wheels, that first bike is a big step. It’s like officially stating that your little one is not so little anymore.

The First Potty Success

It can happen anytime in the toddler years, and it’s a great feeling. But you know what? Not all kids are ready to potty train early, some take a longer time than others, and some will flat out refuse until they are ready. And guess what I’ve learned with two potty trained kids and two that will need to be potty trained one day? They’ll do it eventually; so let it go, stop stressing and enjoy the fun moments.

The First Dry Night

The BIGGEST. NIGHT. EVER. I’m not embarrassed to admit that our 4-year-old woke up dry for the first time in her life on Mother’s Day morning this year. She’s been potty trained for about a year and a half now and she’s had no accidents of that nature during the day in about that time. But she’s wet every single morning. Can you say, “No more pull-ups?” No, we can’t either. She was soaked again this morning.

The First Terrible Two Tantrum

Oh boy. Parents think that this will start at two, but it usually starts around 18 months in our house and with all our friends and their kids, and it lasts about a year to a year and a half. And good luck with that one. My oldest daughter wasn’t too bad (our middle was much worse) and I’ll never forget the time she had one of her very small handful of tantrums. She threw her shoes at me in the middle of the supermarket because I wouldn’t let her have something she wanted, so I put them in my bag and ignored her, checked out and tried to ignore all the, “Well isn’t she just upset?” (DUH) and the “What’s wrong with that sweet girl?” (Um, don’t you think if I knew what her issue was I’d FIX IT?) and “You need to put her shoes on her, it’s cold,” (it’s Florida, it was March and it was 80 degrees). By the time I made it out of the store and had to listen to an elderly lady berate me for my ‘terrible’ parenting skills, I couldn’t contain it anymore and told her where she could go. Not my finest moment, but we are all prone.

The Bed Transition

Fortunately for us, the crib to bed transition has always been easy. It usually happens around 3 to 3 and a half and we’ve never had a child crawl out. And our kids don’t get out of bed now, either. In fact, our oldest only recently realized she doesn’t need to wait for our permission to get out of bed in the morning. But that first night in a toddler bed will make you cry. It’s bittersweet and unforgettable. Bye-bye sweet baby.

The First Bossy Attitude

You’ll remember this because it’s stinkin’ cute. But then it keeps on and on and becomes more and more frequent and suddenly you’re wondering why you ever thought it was so cute. You’ll get over that one fast.

The First Sentence

Not just, “Mine,” or “I want,” or “Mmm, good,” or something of that nature. The first time your toddler looks at you and utters a full sentence in a very conversation like manner is going to stop your heart and make you so proud.

The First Day of School

Since kids don’t typically start school until they enter VPK at four, this is just a little out of the range of toddlerhood here, but we’re mentioning it anyway because it is a HARD day. It’s the first day of school and it’s the first day you are no longer in complete control and the first day your child’s life extends beyond your own.

That Glorious Day they Begin Using Real Utensils

It’s always nice when you can stop sitting at the high chair and feeding your baby (or babies, in my case) and they feed themselves finger foods. But it is AMAZING the first time that they use real utensils and you no longer have quite the disgusting mess to clean that you did before they discovered the actual use for the fork. It’s really something, I’ll tell you.

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