20 Things You Didn’t Know about Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a famous sibling

Demi Lovato’s half-sister, Madison De La Garza, is famous too. She’s better known as Juanita Solis in the famous  series Desperate Housewives. The stunning part about this all is that Demi only got to know about her when she turned 20. “I have an older sister I’ve never known my whole life, who’s in her 30s,” Lovato told a Long Island, N.Y radio station. She goes on to explain that when she asked her sister why she had never come up to tell her about their relationship, her sister made it clear that she didn’t want Demi to think that she revealed herself to her because she wanted anything. That story shocked the world when Demi released it on the radio after being asked to tell something special to her fans.