15 Things About Celebrity Private Lives That We Are Fascinated With

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Let’s just be honest here.  We are more than a little curious about the inner workings of celebrities private lives.  We want to know what they are doing and who they are doing it with.  We feel like we can identify with them and know them on a more personal level when we know all the details although that isn’t necessarily true.  What do we most want to know?

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1. What They Wear

We always want to know what celebrities wear.  We love seeing them on the red carpet and dazzling but we also want to know what it is they are wearing behind closed doors in their private lives.  Do they have a favorite brand of workout gear?  Do they really love to wear those heels or are they secretly missing their flip flops?

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2. Where They Go

We want to know where celebrities go to work and to play.  We enjoy learning about their private lives and all of the excursions that they take.  We especially want to know where they vacation so that we can enjoy seeing the beautiful places that we may never have the opportunity to visit.

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3. Their Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are quite gorgeous, aren’t they?  And we want to know what they are doing in their private lives to keep them looking so attractive.  Do they have special beauty treatments they follow?  What is their favorite brand of makeup?  We tend to think if we can get the scoop on that, maybe we can copy the look.

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4. Their Fitness Secrets

One reason that celebrities look so attractive is usually because they have fitness secrets that keep them looking so stellar.  We want to know exactly what it is they do in their private lives to keep them looking so toned and gorgeous.

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5. What They Eat

Going hand in hand with their fitness routines is their diet.  What are they eating in their private lives to keep them looking so glowing and thin?  Many diets have gained popularity over the years due to a celebrity that found success following that plan.

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6. Who They Love

Yes, we also want to know who is coupled up with whom in Hollywood.  We love to read about the date nights they have at home in their private lives and their nights out on the town.  Where did they go?  Do they like to follow the standard dinner and a movie like we do or do they plan something more?

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7. What Their Children Look Like

Many celebrities choose to keep their children out of the eye of the public and we certainly can understand that.  But if they do happen to want to share some glimpses of them, we are anxiously waiting.  After all, who doesn’t love a baby?  Especially a gorgeous celebrity baby?

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8. Where They Shop

We love to know all about what our favorite celebrities are wearing but we also want to know where they got it at.  These detail of their private lives can help us to have better fashion and style, especially if they shop somewhere that we might be able to shop at, too.

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9. What They Do In Their Free Time

This part of their private lives is very private.  It is hard to figure out what their hobbies are and what they enjoy doing when they are not busy being celebrities.  What do they like to do?  What movies do they enjoy?  What books do they read for pleasure? 

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10. What They Drive

We love to know what celebrities are driving when they are busy living their private lives.  We enjoy knowing all about their vehicles because they are probably choices that we will never be able to have.  We can always enjoy fantasizing about driving the same thing, though.

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11. Where They Live

There is nothing more private in the private lives of celebrities than their homes.  Our home is our most private domain where our true personality shows so it only stand to reason that it is the same way with a celebrity.  Seeing their home will reveal to us a side of their personality that we may never have saw before.

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12. What Is In Their Purse

Maybe this one is just me, but I want to know what celebrities carry in their purses.  Do they have the essentials like I do?  Lip gloss, debit card, Advil?  Or do they have some things that are uniquely them?  Looking into a woman’s purse gives you a lot of insight into her preferences.


13. What Their Personality Is Really Like

Are they completely annoyed with their fans flagging them down?  Do they get sick and tired of requests for interviews?  Or are they very grateful for the fame they have, knowing that they have it because of their fans?  We want to know if they are complete divas or if they are truly as sweet as the girl next door.

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14. How They Parent

We want to know what parenting philosophies they follow in their private lives so that we can see how closely alike that we parent.  Are they strict on what their children watch on television and what they eat?  What values are most important to be passed down to their children?

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15. What Their Guilty Pleasures Are

Yes, we want them to have guilty pleasures in their private lives like we do.  What do they love to snack on at midnight in their private lives?  Are they lovers of chocolate or do they prefer to keep a crisp apple in the fridge for when the urge for something sweet strikes? You can read what some celebrities favorite treats are in this article by Babble.


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