5 Fun Christmas Activities For Your Teens

Christmas break will be here tomorrow and your house will be full of Christmas presents, sugary cookies, warm blankets and … angsty,  bored teenagers. So, instead of dealing with their teenage ‘tude, let them have some fun and give them some great ideas to bounce out of boredom.

We’ve compiled a list of Christmas activities your teens will love and you’ll love watching them enjoy. Maybe they’ll even want to do some of them you too!

1. Have a Christmas movie marathon.

Allow your teenage kids to invite all their friends over. Order pizzas, pop some popcorn and even offer to make them some peppermint hot chocolate. Then for the rest of the night they can enjoy the season with their buddies and watch as many Christmas movies as they’d like!

2. Make DIY gifts for friends, families and those in need.

This activity gives them an opportunity to be creative and generous. Brainstorm some ideas for some DIY gifts and then have fun creating them together. They can invite their friends over and have some time with them too! They’ll have a great time making something from scratch and then feel great when they deliver them to their friends, teachers, neighbors, family members or even those in need at a local shelter.

3. Take their little brothers or sisters to see Santa.

A great opportunity to spend some quality sibling time, having your teen take their little brother or sister to see Santa is a memory neither will forget. They’ll also feel great being the cool, big brother or sister that took care of the little ones when mom and dad weren’t around.

4. Burn a Christmas mix.

Have them grab some blank CDs and create Christmas mixes for the whole family. Have them use their technology skills and create fun holiday CDs for everyone to listen to and get in the holiday spirit.

5. Write a Christmas list.

Most kids stop writing out Christmas lists before middle school. Give them a taste of the past by asking them to create their very own “teenage” Christmas list. From big wishes for small needs, have them write it all down!

photo via She Knows