15 Reasons to Be Happy No Matter What Life Looks Like


Being happy isn’t something you have to reserve for those rare moments when life is perfect. Happiness does not stem from perfection. One of the many mistakes we make as human beings is reserving our happiness for moments when things go our way, when everything in life is correct. It’s a mistake. You can, and you should, be happy simply because you had the good fortunate to open your eyes and get out of bed this morning. Read on for 15 reasons you should be happy even when life’s not perfect (because life’s never perfect if we’re all honest).



Not everyone is healthy so if you are healthy, now is a great time to be happy about that. Too many people are denied happiness because their health is failing. Don’t take it for granted.


You’re Alive

Do you know how many people aren’t with us today because they didn’t wake up this morning or they were in an accident, or their disease finally won? Too many. Don’t waste time being unhappy over the trivial stuff in life, be happy that you’re alive to enjoy the trivial, the horrible, the great and the wonderful.


You Have People Who Love You

Imagine waking up tomorrow and not having anyone in your life anymore. Today is the day to take advantage of the happiness in your life that stems from the people around you who love you and whom you love in return.



Too many people are unhappy because life isn’t going their way. Okay, it happens. Instead of being unhappy that it’s not so great right now, be happy that you live in America, where opportunity is knocking on every door on every street corner. There’s always a chance to improve your life.



Be happy that you have the freedom to walk around in a tank top – many women in other countries can’t do that. Be happy that you have the freedom to vote or to speak what’s on your mind. Many people aren’t allowed.


Colorful Sunsets

When was the last time you looked out the window at the setting sun and enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of the changing colors of the sky? The blues, purples, pinks, oranges and yellows? It’s time to get happy about life’s little pleasures.


Reality Television

Be happy about reality television. Even if you aren’t a fan, watching one episode of any reality show is enough to prove to you that you’re not that abnormal, your family isn’t the only crazy one on the planet and that you’re life is kind of better than the lives of the rich and famous.



Even if you don’t like dogs much, how can you not love puppies? Or kittens? One of the greatest reasons to be happy is that these little guys can bring you a smile and a lot of joy.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Even if it’s a year away, there’s always Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to. It reminds you of happiness and it’s something to be happy about.



Your friends are awesome, so focus on being happy about having them in your life and stop focusing on the fact that other things aren’t as good as you wish.


Planting Flowers

If you’re just not happy for whatever reason, head to the nursery and pick up some gorgeous flowers. Come home, plant them and then take care of them. Your little garden will always make you happy.


Gummy Baby Smiles

Whether it’s your gummy baby or someone else’s, you have plenty of reason to be happy when you get to see one of those gummy little smiles.


Second Chances

Whenever you are blessed with a second chance, be happy. Not everyone is willing to give them and not everyone gets them.

Portrait of a young woman smiling

Every Day is a New Day

Be happy that even if you aren’t happy today, tomorrow is a new day full of new potential that can make you happy.



Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Be happy that you have access to millions of books at any moment of the day and that you can read anytime you want.


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