15 Girly Things Men Do But Will Never Admit


I would never tell anyone that sometimes my husband spends more time on his hair than I or that he bought himself a steamer so that he can steam his own clothes before work each day since he does not feel the dry cleaner does an adequate job. I won’t tell anyone how much time and money he spends at Nordstrom online so that he can look good. I won’t tell a soul, and I trust that you won’t, either. Men are manly and sexy, but some of them are increasingly more feminine as time wears on. The truth is that many of them will never admit to their ‘girly’ habits because it’s not manly or masculine. And they will never tell the males in their lives because the ribbing and ridicule – while amusing – would be emasculating (do you think they realize most of them probably do the same things?). So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to out all men as a whole so that maybe they will stop with the shame of their feminine habits and just enjoy them openly. Gentlemen, here are 15 things that you’re all doing at least a portion of.

I Watch “Insert Girly Show Here”

Whether it’s Sex and the City, Gossip Girl or something to that effect, you know that more and more men watch things like this. They’re going to say that they’re only watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey because their wives love it, but they secretly enjoy these shows just as much as their spouses.

My Daughter Paints my Toes

Men, let me tell you something; you tell a woman that you allow your daughter to dress you up in any way, shape or form and she’s going to fall madly in love with you. There is nothing wrong with hanging out with your kids. And pink toes are pretty.

I Dress up like a Princess with my Daughter

Real men wear tiaras around the house more often than not; it’s just how life works these days. Good dads and husbands are perpetual princesses when it comes to their little girls, and they are not ashamed to rock a tiara and a magic wand, and maybe even a tutu. They’ll deny it, though.

I Blow Dry my Hair

My husband does this. And it doesn’t matter that it’s not even an inch long. He does this, and he is meticulous about it. So meticulous that sometime I find myself rolling my eyes as he eyes his hair and tries to manipulate it with the hair dryer.

I Use my Wife’s Lotion

Men do this all the time, and then they’ll blame their slightly fragrant scent on the soap in the bathroom if anyone notices. It’ll be said with an eye roll and a slight shrug as if to say, “Women,” while other men nod in unspoken understanding.

I Carry a Tide Pen with Me

There is nothing wrong with that. There will one day be a woman in your life so happy that you have a Tide pen with you that will save her own ensemble she will likely marry you. Wouldn’t that be a great story to tell your kids and your friends?

I have a Man Purse

Let me rephrase; apparently this device is called a very small laptop case to carry my husband’s tiny little computer he ordered that’s the size of an iPad and can be converted into a monitor with its own portable keyboard. He has a bag – a satchel by definition – he WEARS, and he hates when I call it a man purse.

I Like a Facial

Anyone who has ever had a facial and isn’t a total liar loves a facial. How can you not love the feeling of having clean, happy skin on your face? It’s just something that we all need from time to time. Men are kidding themselves if they don’t think that the Brad Pitts and David Beckham’s of the world aren’t doing the same.

Pedicures are my Favorite

Oh, darlings, pedicures are everyone’s favorite. Men who admit to pedis are strong in their masculinity, and there is not a darn thing wrong with loving a little pampering and nice, clean feet. Anyone who has never had one has no idea what he is missing.

Chick Flicks aren’t that Bad

As a chick, I’ll tell you some are that bad. But not all of them, and we know that you all secretly don’t hate them or you really would not attend them with us. There; we said it.

I Enjoy Shopping with My Wife

My husband loves to shop. I know a lot of husband’s that like to shop with their wives for her, their kids and for themselves. When we hit up Nordstrom, my husband beelines for the men’s section (or the children’s for our son) while I take care of me and the girls.

I’m a Wine Snob

All men should be wine snobs. Not only is it sexy to know what bottle to order, what’s good and how to distinguish good wine from cheap wine, I love when my husband orders a bottle of something for us, and I love when we take on wine country together.

I Love to Cook

A man who likes to cook – more than just a piece of meat on the grill – is a keeper. Especially since so many of us are either too busy or too lazy to cook on our own, and we sort of missed the memo on how to do it in the first place. Someone has to feed the family.

I Use a Loofah in the Shower

I never knew men used loofah’s until I met my husband 14 years ago. He’s used one his entire life, and he’s not ashamed. We don’t even own a bar of soap, and it shocks people. He’s a body wash and loofah man all the way.

I Don’t Hate Taylor Swift’s Music

He’ll sing and dance to “Shake it Off,” and then roll up to his buddies house with the kids in tow for a good old fashioned family cookout saying, “Kids. They’re so obsessed with Taylor Swift that even I know the words,” and then turn it on again the second they’re in the car alone on the way to work the following day.

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