Four Important Wedding Trends in 2013

If you’re up to date in the fashion world chances are you know that peplum has been a major buzzword in women’s fashion this year, but get ready because it is about to take over the bridal fashion world too. What are people accessorizing their peplum dresses with exactly? Apparently peplum looks best when paired with your hair in a top bun. Need more inspiration? Look no further.

Appropriate for all body types. It is always difficult to get all of your bridesmaids to agree on one style dress, however having your bridesmaids in peplum style dresses is a great idea because they will fit and flatter everyone.  They are perfect for girls who are body conscious, which let’s be honest,  most of us are. They are also appropriate for any age group. FYI Donna Morgan and Alfred Angelo featured peplum dresses in their collections.

Pair your peplum dress with a top bun. The new go-to bridal hairstyle is the super versatile top bun.  Say goodbye to other updos, the french twist is out ladies.  The top bun can not only stand on its own, but works great with headpieces and veils.

Vivid hues. Peplum bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your wedding day.  Black is not the only way to go when wearing a peplum dress, they look amazing in colorful commanding hues as well.  Celebrities such as Rihanna, Diane Kruger, & Whitney Port have been spotted on the peplum bandwagon.

How to pull off the top bun.  inUltimately the top bun works best with should-length or longer hair.  You’ll never believe this but using a sock is the way to pull this bun off. According to the, “Simply take a sock and snip the end. Roll the sock to create a doughnut like elastic, almost like an old-school scrunch. Put your hair in a high ponytail and place the doughnut elastic at the end of the ponytail and pull your hair over the sides until you reach the base. ” You’ll never have the perfect top bun!

Hopefully you now have a better grasp on why peplum dresses are such a popular trend, & why top buns work beautifully when paired with them.  These are two trends that I am happy to be on board with! I have a feeling your bridesmaids will thank you too!