5 Items Every Baker Must Have

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, every baker needs the essentials. For cookies or pies, or the occasional loaf of bread … bakers need certain items to work and make their kitchen adventures a bit more relaxing. Let’s take a peek at 5 items every baker must have!

1. The famous KitchenAid Mixer:

On everyone’s wish list is the KitchenAid Mixer, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns now I might add, and for good reason! It makes kneading and mixing 100 times easier and more efficient. So you need to beat this mixture for exactly 3 minutes on medium? Set the timer and you can work on something else while you let the KitchenAid work its magic.

2. A measuring set:

Let’s be for real. Not everyone can take a bottle of vegetable oil, pour it into a mixing bowl and VOILA! you’ve magically added exactly 1 cup and didn’t need to measure it! Maybe they can on the Food Network Channel, but not for us everyday cookie bakers.

3. One large rolling pin:

At school I decided to get some bread dough and try out this great recipe I found on Pinterest. The problem was that I had no rolling pin and my hands just can’t replace a good ole’ fashion roller. You will need it and you will definitely want it after 30 minutes of slapping dough with your hands to try and get it to spread out evenly.

4. Cooling racks:

Even the no-stick pans sometimes tend to stick. A cooling rack will help those cookies or cakes cool off in a shorter amount of time because of the circulating air and you won’t have to pull off chunks of leftover bread or crust because it cooled and stuck to the pan.

5. Good-quality bakeware:

The cheap stuff works but if you slowly invest in a nice set of bakeware then you’ll be set for life! You want your baked goods to cook evenly without burning the bottoms because your waiting for the tops to finish. A nice set of pans will help you perfect the baking any dish!

Obviously more baking items are useful and some necessary, but this list of five must-haves will definitely get you starting and baking in the right direction!


photo via iheartdaily