An Emotional Video of Colorblind People Seeing Color for the First Time


Skeptics say there are far worse things in life than being colorblind; and they’re partially right. Being colorblind is obviously preferable to being completely blind, but it does not take away from the fact that those unable to see the full color spectrum are truly missing out on something beautiful. Color is such a personal experience and it brings so much to life. The color of the eyes of a new baby or the sky when the sun lights it up pink and orange at the end of a day; its blazing beauty is undeniable. Thanks to the genius work of Valspar and EnChroma, corrective lenses have been created for those who cannot decipher colors and when introduced to those who are colorblind, their reaction to seeing color for the first time is amazing.

It might not be quite on the same level as the videos of deaf people hearing the sounds of their loved ones voices for the first time, or even a new mother holding her miracle baby for the first time, but colorblind people everywhere understand that this miracle is something they never thought they’d encounter in the course of their lives. It’s something truly amazing, and it’s something that only those who’ve lived their lives without color will understand to the fullest degree. Most people, at the moment, are unaware these lenses exist, but we suspect that with the popularity of this video more and more people will become aware of the fact that they can change their lives and their vision.

Take a look at this amazing video to see the reactions of those who are seeing a full spectrum of color for the first time. Their reaction to the beauty of something so simple and so taken for granted by most of us will delight you.

Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images


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