Stock Your Cabinets With Groceries For A Winter Storm And Avoid Panic

It happens every year.  A winter storm is moving in and your cabinets are bare.  You didn’t have time to go get groceries.  You can avoid this scenario from happening again this year by stocking your cabinets ahead of time with groceries that are set aside just for a winter storm.

Ideally, you should have your winter storm groceries in by the second week of December and earlier in some parts of the country but it is never too late to start.  The idea is to have a certain place in your cabinets that is just for your winter storm groceries.  Once you purchase the winter storm groceries you put them away and leave them there unless you need them for the purpose they are there for.  In the spring, you cycle them in with your regular groceries to be eaten and start again the next year.

So what should go in your cabinet that houses your winter storm groceries?  What kind of groceries should you purchase to keep there?  Obviously, you want to purchase groceries that have a long shelf life.    Dry beans are a great choice.  Pastas are good as well as jars of marinara and alfredo sauce.  Canned meats are good to have in a pinch as well as soups and stews.  Macaroni and cheese is always a hit to have stocked back.  I also try to keep some junk foods for us to have as treats.  Microwave popcorn and mixes such as brownie mix, muffin mixes and cookie mixes are good choices.

Other items that are great to have stocked are toilet paper and paper towels.  Laundry detergent and other commonly used cleaning supplies are great to have extra of.  Bottled water is a must because you never know when your water lines might freeze up in the winter.

Being prepared for the next winter storm by having your cabinets stocked with groceries is a good move to make.


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