10 Must Haves for Every Bathroom in the House


Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in any home thanks to the fact that you just need a lot of stuff to make them function. You need towels for hand washing; you need soap for the same purpose. You need toilet paper for reasons that should be very clear and apparent, and you need things like rugs for the floors. There are things you need in every bathroom of your home, and while some might seem obvious and clear, others are not so much. So do you have everything that you need in all your bathrooms or are you seriously lacking in the bathroom necessities department? If you’re not sure, perhaps this list of things that you should have in all your bathrooms will help you out. It’ll make you more comfortable, it’ll make your guests more comfortable and it will likely eliminate some issues that you might have in the future.


It might not seem like that big of a deal to you if you don’t use the extra bathroom, but it is to those who come to your house for a night or even just for a few hours and want to check out their teeth, their faces or whatever when they use the restroom. You don’t have to get anything elaborate and crazy, just a nice mirror that will allow your guests to see themselves when they need to do so.


You cannot have a bathroom with a sink or shower and not have towels. The people that use this room need something with which they can wash their hands and dry them, and that’s where towels come into play. Think about how annoyed you are when you go into a public restroom and it is out of paper towels and you don’t realize this until you’ve already washed your hands. Don’t put your guests through the same thing.

Hand Soap

You cannot wash your hands without soap. Just because you don’t use a particular bathroom does not mean that someone else doesn’t use it. If someone has to go in there to wash their hands and cannot find soap, they cannot use the bathroom. It’s an uncomfortable situation for all involved, and it’s something that a bottle of soap will take care of without much effort at all.

Toilet Paper

This should really be something you have in the bathroom without a reminder from me. But just in case you do need a reminder, go ahead and check your bathrooms so that you can be sure your toilet paper is in good order. You should have one roll on the roll and you should have extra rolls in a location in which people will easily find them should they need to do so. Try putting some under the sink or on a roll holder that you can buy at any home goods location.


We shouldn’t have to explain this one, either, but sometimes people need a bit of help. A plunger might not be something you find necessary in every bathroom, but it is. You will want one in all bathrooms because you just never know what is going to happen when you use the bathroom. While you might not have an issue trudging across the house to find one, someone else might and that is what makes for awkward and embarrassing situations for so many people. Go ahead and put one in every bathroom and make the people who come to your house feel as if there is something they can do in case of an emergency.

Air Freshener

Air freshener should be in any bathroom anyway. It’s something that does help to freshen the air and make it more bearable. It’s something that you should have in there because kids have dirty feet, dirty clothes and they just stink. You might leave your dirty laundry in here until it’s time to do laundry, which might also make things a bit difficult for you. You should just be sure you have the kind of freshener in there that makes the room smell nice at all times.

Trash Can

Trash happens in bathrooms, and that’s why you should go ahead and put trash cans in yours so that you can throw things away. Many times people use things in the bathroom that cannot be thrown into the toilet and that need to be thrown away. Sanitary napkins, Q-Tips and other items of this nature make it much more difficult to dispose of when there is not a trash can in the room.

Window Coverings

This isn’t something you need if you don’t have a window, but you do need this if you do have a window. It’s pretty common sense, but unless you have that special glass that makes it impossible to see inside the bathroom from outside, you need something to cover the windows. It’s only fair to those hoe need to use the bathroom in peace and without worrying someone else might be checking on them from outside.

Shower Curtain/Door

Maybe you don’t use the bathroom, and that’s fine. However, if you have guests come over to visit and they stay with you, you need these things so that they can comfortably use your shower. It’s only fair to have them come over and enjoy a shower in your bathrooms that won’t require them clean up a puddle of water on the floor when they are finished with their showers.


A rug is always a good idea when it comes to your bathroom. You should have this in front of your shower or your toilet, or even your sink. You can even have all three if you have the space. It’s not for people who have to use your bathroom to have somewhere soft and warm to stand, and it’s nice for those who shower to know that they can use the shower without dripping all over your floor as they attempt to get out of the shower. Get some rugs; it’s the nice thing to do.

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