5 Ways Your Body Might be Telling You You’re Doing Too Much

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It’s no secret that women have long been involved in a constant juggling act, somehow, effortlessly balancing career, family, keeping the home in order, etc. We are wired to give our all at home, at the office and beyond. It’s this “GO-GO-GO” mentality, that feeling of always being on the run that sends the body way off course and into dangerous territory.

With so much going on in the world around you and so much that relies on YOU to get it done, you might find yourself struggling to accomplish the many tasks on your growing list. You may even struggle just to get out of bed in the morning, or find that you’re easily agitated by those around you. Perhaps you may be experiencing unexpected weight gain or worse yet, you may start to feel listless and depressed.

These are all ways your body is trying to tell you that your adrenals are out of whack. Stress brought on by life’s demands leads to lowered functionality of these very important glands which support our body in so many ways. When we stress, we produce increased cortisol, requiring our adrenals to do extra work in order to sustain those heightened levels.

This is in addition to the all hard work they’re already putting in to assist in regulating blood pressure and heart rate, as well as helping to balance blood sugar levels. They also help keep inflammation at bay and provide support for the nervous system, which affects mood and memory.

It’s amazing how the body works as a whole, with physiological and emotional well-being so closely intertwined with the adrenal glands. When those glands are imbalanced, it can prove to be a real curve ball for the body.

“Adrenal Fatigue” is a growing epidemic and a problem women need to be aware of and proactive in defense against it. I was seeing it, first-hand – as more and more women were coming in to my center with these symptoms. I am surrounded by superwomen in my own community, including entrepreneurs, CEO’s and C-level executives. I see them stretching themselves thin and not taking time to properly care for themselves.

These women inspired a movement that I felt compelled to lead. In 2012, I launched the “Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick Conference”, an annual gathering focusing on health, business and inspiration. We host the conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL but women all over the world are invited to join us for a day, that’s all about THEM allowing them to recharge, reinvigorate and reinvent.

At our 3rd annual event, coming up on September 12th, we are encouraging women to “Play Big” and our incredible panel of guests will provide them with the resources they need to do so. But this is just one day….one step toward achieving life-balance and getting our bodies on track to function the way they should. Sustaining that lifestyle over time is key. Here are five ways that you can help promote a healthy, well-balanced system. These are suggestions you hear often but might need a little reminder to keep you in check:

Don’t go hungry: Eating the right foods at specific times of the day is the best way to keep your cortisol at a natural level. A nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner with light, nutritious snacks in between is the way to go. A hungry body places a huge strain on the adrenals.

Exercise with a rising sun: Select a form of light cardio that’s right for you but try to do it first thing in the morning because that’s when cortisol levels are naturally at their highest.

Meditate, meditate, meditate: One of the best forms of relaxation is through meditation. There are so many health benefits associated with this practice, including lowered blood pressure, improved circulation and heart health, better mood and self-confidence. Taking even just five minutes a day to meditate will help reduce tension and show a marked improvement on adrenal function.

Take time out for fun: We spend so much time taking on the day’s challenges and duties, that we seldom take time to enjoy the things in life that bring us pleasure and fulfillment. Stop, disconnect from technology and truly connect with the important things in life that make you smile.

Lights out: When you don’t sleep, you hold onto stress. When you hold onto stress, you heighten your cortisol levels. If you’ve noticed you’re holding onto weight that you can’t seem to shed, this could be the root of the problem. You should be getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night. Even a short nap can provide a much needed boost of energy…they don’t call them power naps for nothing.

When you are consistent with these natural steps, it becomes easy to adopt a lifestyle that promotes a healthy and well-balanced system. Good choices can help alter genetic coding and empower us to heal our own bodies. In turn, this helps us to ensure that we’re maximizing our efforts to be the best for ourselves, our family, our careers and everything in between.

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