Three Weeks to a Better You

Everyone could use a little improvement, especially since no one is perfect. That’s not something that should offend; it’s something that should motivate. No one wants to stay exactly the same as they are right now, forever. Everyone wants to be a little better at something, whether it’s being nicer to people, spending more time volunteering or being more productive at work. Whatever you want to change about you is entirely possible. Did you know it takes approximately 21 days to create a habit? That means that anything you want to change about you, you can make habitual in 21 days.

Do you want to be a better listener? Practice listening intently, waiting until people are finished speaking before replying, not thinking about your own response or planning your grocery list in your head as you bide your time waiting to reply. In three weeks, you will find that listening better has become a habit.

Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to improve to become an even more amazing version of your current self – Apple introduce a new iPhone every so often, even though it looks the same and does the same things, just faster and better – you can make happen. What you need to do is challenge yourself. Let’s say, for the sake of argument that you want to be a more positive person. To do this, you have to let go of your negativity and learn to focus on the positive, which will ultimately make you happier.

To start, make it a habit by committing yourself to 21 consecutive days of looking at the bright side of things. When you feel yourself start to think negative thoughts, replace them immediately with good thoughts. It won’t be easy, as breaking a bad habit never is, but each day it will get easier until you eventually realize that it’s become a good habit to replace your negativity with positivity.


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