The Best Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

The best way to lose 10 pounds, according to weight loss experts, is knowing what works and being consistent. The following proven weight loss tips can work for you, if you’re persistent:

1. Change how you feel about exercising

If you don’t like to exercise change how you feel about it. Instead of feeling like your exercise sessions are a chore, think of it as your special time for self-care. You’ll enjoy exercising more if you do. It’s so easy for moms to never make time for themselves but exercise time is your own special ” me time “.

2. Don’t obsess over your carb intake

No, you shouldn’t eat two bags of chips a day but try not to get stressed out when you fall off the diet wagon. Instead of resisting your self to a no-carb diet, eat a bag of chips once in a while. Cutting out your favorite foods completely usually doesn’t work. Treat yourself to a forbidden bag of chips one a week. You deserve the reward after five or six days of sticking to a diet plan.

3. Push yourself beyond usual limits

One of the other best way to lose an extra 10 pounds is to compete with yourself. Try to out do your own accomplishments. If you’ve reached a plateau and are overcome with boredom, enter a marathon. Better yet, do something radical like learning to kick box Kick boxing is great exercise and  women can box the pounds off and have fun doing it.

4. Fill-up on refreshing ice-cold water

You will grow to love water if you keep drinking it. The body is made up of water and instead of drinking five to eight cups of sugary tea or coffee, drink a tall class of water. In fact, anytime you feel like snaking drink water instead.

Well, that’s it for my best ways to lose 10 pounds tips. I wish you all the best!