10 Dunkin’ Donuts Nutrition Facts that Will Surprise You

Dunkin Donuts

When there isn’t a Starbucks in site, people love Dunkin Donuts. Kidding – millions of people really do just love Dunkin Donuts without ever taking Starbucks into consideration. The fast food chain offers coffee, donuts and pastries to those unconcerned with their waistline and overall health, and their heaping portions of cream cheese might potentially lead to a cream cheese shortage in the US at some point in the near future. All jokes aside, however, Dunkin Donuts is hugely popular. The vast majority of the population eats here without giving a second thought to the calorie count, fat and sugar in just one drink or donut. But it’s quick and it’s simple and it’s really not all that often, right? What might surprise you is that you probably think you have a good grasp on the nutrition information at Dunkin Donuts, but you have no idea. Read on to find out 10 nutrition facts about your favorite drive-thru donut location that might have you second guessing your decision to continue dining her at Dunkin Donuts.

Flavor Shots are Sugar-Free

Many people love the sweetener that adds a different taste and bit of interest to their Dunkin Donuts coffee, but they’re filled with sugar and calories. If you instead opt for the flavor shots offered by the chain, you can eliminate the sugar in your coffee for a bit of additional nutrition – if you can really call it that. They’re still filled with calories, but you will save on sugar which is, at least, a little something to brag about.

Whole Milk is Better

Dunkin Donuts doesn’t care how you order your coffee (especially since there are so many ways you can) so they’re not advertising how you can get a little bit more nutrition (or less non-nutrition?) in your coffee. We will do that. By simply replacing the cream in your coffee with whole milk, you can save 60 calories per shot in your coffee. That’s a big deal. Additionally, you can skim a few more calories off the top if you go with skim milk – or no milk.

200 Cups a Day

So here’s a job we think might take a bit of a toll on the health of the people who hold it; coffee taster. To ensure that the coffee being served by Dunkin Donuts is always quality, these expert coffee tasters make it their business to taste more than 200 cups of coffee – every single day. Talk about a coffee jitter high. That’s a lot of coffee for one person to drink in one day, but someone has to do it. Where do we sign up?

You Can Get a Donut Sandwich

You have the option to turn any of your breakfast sandwiches into a donut sandwich when you order at Dunkin Donuts. As if a bagel or biscuit wasn’t unhealthy enough, you can now order that sandwich on a glazed donut. And for a bonus heart attack and coronary embolism, you can add bacon to any of those sandwiches for a bit of added flavor; something DD highly recommends.

Go Medium Lite

Most people are completely unaware of just how many calories they consume when they have anything but black coffee at Dunkin Donuts. If you choose to go the sugar-filled latte route, you might consider orderings yours as a medium lite. What this will do is replace the junk in your latte with a healthier version of said junk. In layman’s terms; you save 160 calories just by ordering lite additions.

15,000 Flavors

Sure, with all the donuts in store this might not surprise you; but we aren’t talking about 15,000 flavors in general at Dunkin Donuts. The chain reports that there are 15,000 ways you can order your coffee – yes, your coffee – at their window. This means that the black coffee you are ordering right now leaves you another 14,999 options from which to choose. But we are willing to bet none of them are all that good for you. Maybe you should make it your goal to see if you can order all of these coffee options in your lifetime.

The DDSmart Menu

Did you even know Dunkin Donuts offers something they call their smart menu? This menu is filled with items that are, you guessed it, smarter than the other options if you are looking to maintain even a shred of your healthy dignity. Additionally, the chain also offers a 400 calories or less menu if you’re looking for something that’s not quite as horrible for your body as everything else, but still has a bit of excitement to it. Or you could just order a black coffee and eat something like fruit – but that’s not fun if you’re at Dunkin Donuts, is it?

Drink Your Calories

When you roll into Dunkin Donuts gloating because you didn’t get the glazed donut and opted instead for a beverage, go ahead and think about. You’re just drinking your calories. For example, the large frozen coffee coolata with cream has a staggering 990 calories. That’s right; one drink has just under 1,000 calories, which is almost the daily recommended calorie intake number for most average women on a calorie-conscious diet.

Custom Donuts

Did you know that if you visit a Dunkin Donuts in another country (did you even know that the chain was located in different countries?) you can order a custom donut? Every country has its own version of the ‘special’ donut that represents the country. What this means is that every country offers something a little different. For example, did you know you can order a pork donut in China? Sounds….amazing?

Nutrition Website

Dunkin Donuts wants consumers to be highly aware of what it is they are eating and drinking when they come into the store. But you might notice that there is no nutrition information listed on the menu as there is in other fast food restaurants. Don’t worry, though; you can get the nutrition information from Dunkin Donuts’ website – all 799 pages of it.

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