Three Ways to Exercise While on Vacation

So you have been doing a really great job going to the gym and eating right and you are pretty fit for summer, well that is awesome! There is just one problem, your vacation is finally here! While you are super stoked to get away for a week or two you are also pretty worried that you might, no most likely will, slip up with your healthy living routines. You are definitely going to cheat food wise with exploring different food and eating out, but how can you stay in shape when you are nowhere near the gym? It is actually a lot easier than you think!  Here are three tips to help you exercise while on vacation.

1. Do touristy things! – People may not realize this but being a tourist is hard work! There is a lot of walking to sites and historical landmarks and walking hundreds of steps up towers and duomos that not only are must sees but really do assist in burning off those calories. According to, a person weighing 160 lbs. will burn 102 calories walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes. Imagine going those 259 steps up St. Paul’s Cathedral Dome in London! A long day of sightseeing can feel like a long day at the gym, but not only do you walk away with a work out but great photos, too!

2. Go Swimming! – So maybe you took less of a sightseeing vacation and more of a relaxing one at the beach or resort instead. Hey, sounds good to me, but instead of just floating around in that pool or body of water, why not work a little? Swimming is arguably one of the best work outs you can do. Even if your pool isn’t meant for laps you can still rock some or do it freestyle. According to, if you weigh 150 lbs. and swim at a rate of 25 yards per minute, your burn 225 calories per hour. You burn 500 calories per hour if you increase your pace to 50 yards per minute. You burn 650 calories per hour swimming 50 yards per minute if you weigh 200 lbs. Nice! For swimming, a little goes a long way!

3. Hit up the clubs! – Whether you are going backpacking through Europe or relaxing at the beach I know you have to be doing one thing at night, going to a club! It may not be every night but you definitely will be doing it sooner or later. While you may be indulging in the drinks, dancing with your friends or significant other can help you burn off those empty alcoholic calories. According to, for every 15 minutes of club dancing, a 105-pound person may burn 60 calories, 125-pound individual may burn 71 calories, a 150-pound individual may burn 86 calories and a 170-pound person may burn 97 calories. So quit being a wallflower and get out on the dance floor!

Overall, don’t stress about missing the gym a few days, we all need a vacation and although you won’t do your regular spin class or hour at the gym, going on vacation you can burn calories even when you are having fun! So have a great trip, because the gym will be there when you get back!