10 Types of Stretches Known to Provide Stress Relief


Stress is something that’s worse for us that we like to imagine. I firmly believe that we currently live in a world in which we consider stress something positive. It’s almost as if we thrive on making things more difficult and stressful on ourselves because getting it all accomplished provides us with this amazing feeling of relief we might not otherwise feel. It’s almost a reward, but it’s terrible for us. We do make our own lives much more complicated than need be, and we tend to stress ourselves out more than we actually should. We are always to blame for our own level of stress, even when situations are beyond our control. We can’t eliminate stress completely, but we can change the way that we react to certain situation so that we feel less stressed and more capable. And when that doesn’t work, we can just work out.

It’s not a big secret that exercise and physical activity are both great ways for people to feel good about themselves. They make us feel less stressed a lot happier and much better about our bodies. And that’s why I never understand why people feel that they can’t exercise. It’s not something that’s bad for us, and we all know how good we feel when we are finished working out. So why don’t we do more of it? The next time you are feeling particularly stressed out and in need of a few moments to yourself in which you can calm down and relax, try one of these stretches. They’re well-known for providing stress relief and also helping you to improve your overall health.

Neck Stretching

This is a stretch that is designed to help you feel better in an instant. It’s something that can be done sitting, standing, driving or sitting in the middle of the office in the middle of the day. This is a good stretch for someone who spends a great deal of time hunched over a computer or a desk and doesn’t get much time away from that kind of activity, and it’s designed to relieve a great deal of tension in your muscles and stress in your mind. All you have to do is leave your shoulders pulled back and lean your ears down to your shoulders so that you can stretch your neck. Hold each side for a few seconds and you will feel the relief almost immediately.

Downward Dog

The downward dog is one that works well. It’s a yoga stretch that people adore. You put your feet on the floor and you put your hands on the floor and you just stretch. It feels as if you are relieving the tension and stress in your entire body, and it is one of the best stretches you can do when you’re feeling a bit down and overwhelmed.

Reach for the Stars

It really is as simple as reaching for the stars. Just put your hands up above your head and act like you are reaching for the stars so that you can relax your body and your mind. It’s something you can hold for a few minutes, a few seconds or as long as you want. The relief you’ll feel when you’re done is worth mentioning.

Touch Your Toes

When you feel overwhelmed, just bend down and touch your toes. It helps you take a minute to collect your thoughts, gain control over your feelings and just hang out for a minute before you feel the need to take on the world and make yourself focus on what’s important instead of what’s unimportant.

The Warrior Pose

This classic yoga pose is a good one because it not only relieves your stress; it also helps build muscle and makes you feel kind of powerful and cool. If you don’t know how to do this pose, we suggest that you learn it quickly and make it a constant part of your life in the very near future.

Shoulder Stretches

Shrugging your shoulders up and down is sometimes all you need to do to feel a lot less stressed and a lot more relaxed. It’s simple and effective, and it’s something that you cannot ignore. In fact, there’s been some indication that if you do this before a big meeting or presentation, it will help you feel more confident and in control.

Lower Back Stretch

The lower back stretch is one we love. You are doing to do nothing more than just lay on the floor on your knees. Put your hands out in front of you and reach as far as you can while you stay on your knees so that you stretch your lower back and your body. It’s going to provide a great deal of stress relief and some serious feel-good vibes.

Stretch Your Sides

Spread your legs so that they are shoulder-width apart and then go ahead and stretch toward one leg by touching that toe. Hold this pose for a few seconds and then switch legs. Do this a few times and you will feel a great deal of pressure released from your body and your stress level will decrease almost instantly. This is something that helps tremendously, and it usually helps all the time.

Upward Facing Dog

This very simple stretch is good for just about every muscle in your body. You will lie on the ground on your stomach. With your legs flat on the ground and your arms up, you will then raise your chest and head so that you are looking as high up as possible into the air. It’s a position that you will enjoy tremendously because it really does help you to feel better and less stressed.

Shoulder Roll

The very simple act of occasionally rolling your shoulders, together or individually, is something that will help you feel much more relaxed and a lot better. It’s a move that you can do anywhere and it takes no time and no effort whatsoever. Go for it and you will feel less stressed immediately.

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