10 Diets that Will Never Work No Matter How Hard You Try


Dieting is the least fun you will ever have; and I will tell you why. There is no such thing as a good diet. There is no such thing as a good diet because in order for it to work you have to stick with it the rest of your life. Are you really going to go forever without consuming carbs again? The answer is no; and that’s why diets don’t work. They don’t work because you cannot go the rest of your life doing something like this. You cannot do it; you have to make lifestyle changes if you want to make healthy changes, and that means you might as well just skip the diet and make a healthy change. How about instead of never eating sweets again you just say that you’re going to enjoy those Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes for the rest of your life, but you’re going to do it in moderation. Instead of eating an entire cheesecake every night, you have a slice once or twice a week? You can make big changes in your life if you make changes in your life; not diets. Diets don’t work because they’re not positive lifestyle changes. They are quick fixes. You can make a diet work in the short term, but you still have to make healthy lifestyle decisions the rest of your life if you want that diet to continue to work. So instead, go ahead and make some positive lifestyle changes. Eat right; eat in moderation, don’t over-indulge, but don’t deny yourself what you want. Be healthy and active, and you will see better results the rest of your life. With that said, here are 10 diets you know you are about to try that will never work, no matter what you do.

No Carbs

We all know that carbs are a guilty pleasure, but you can’t just cut them out of your life forever and expect that to stick. Let’s be honest; carbs are too good to go the next 90 years without ever eating them again. The better choice would be to eat healthy and choose carbs that are better for you, such as healthy carbs. There is such thing, you know.

No Sugar

No sugar diets are really, really hard. The only people that really need to do this are those who have health issues that prevent them from consuming too much sugar, and their lives are pretty miserable. If you don’t have health issues, chances are good that you will fail this diet. Instead, just minimize the amount of processed sugar you consume and try to have more natural sugars in your diet.

No Sweets

Yeah. Right. This is never going to work for anyone. I’m not someone with a huge sweet tooth, and I can go months without wanting anything sweet. However, then Girl Scouts start passing out thin mints and I’m all in. I can’t say no. I can’t do it. It’s just too hard. You can’t go forever without sweets because you will over-indulge that one day and then ruin it forever. Just have them in moderation. For example, have 4 cookies instead of a box.

Vegan Diets

Unless you make the decision to become a vegan for the rest of your life, we don’t recommend this diet. Some people are quite happy becoming vegan and living that way forever, but others are not. If you only want to do this for a while, we’d suggest you do not. It takes a lot of time and hard work to adjust your body to something like this, so doing that and then going back is bad.

Liquid Diets

I love coffee and red wine as much as the rest of you, but if I tried to live on that, I’d be miserable. I mean, I’d probably be happy for a day or so, because those are two of my favorite things, but people who try and do liquid diets (and I’m obviously taking soup and actual healthy liquid like water) tend to have more health issues than not.

Shake Diets

Shakes are one of the big trends right now, but that does not mean they work. You can’t eat and drink shakes forever, so why bother? Why not just make a meal plan that’s healthy and delicious and stick to it so that you can stay healthy. Have all the shakes you want, by all means, but don’t expect lasting results if you are not going to do it forever.

Raw Food Diets

I can’t even go here because it just sounds so gross to me. I love sushi and rare steak as much as the next person, but a raw food diet does not sound good. Instead, just incorporate more healthy veggies and fruits into your life and then go from there. It’s raw food, you know.

Detox Diets

The master cleanse and other stuff like this is a short term deal. It works for a few days because it gets rid of your water weight and makes you feel really good about yourself. But have you noticed how often people do this? All the time; and that’s because it does not work longer than a few days. Additionally, it’s really just not good to withhold food from your diet. I don’t know why anyone assumes this is at all healthy in any manner.

Low Calorie Diets

You should not go crazy with your calories if you are trying to lose weight and become healthier, but you should not make it a habit to eat fewer calories than you need. This is actually worse for your health because you need a certain number of calories each day to help your metabolism work correctly. If it’s not working correctly, you’re not burning enough calories and you might actually find that you gain weight as a result.

No Meat Diets

Some people don’t eat meat, and that’s fine. Their lifestyle choice works for them. But if you’re doing a no meat diet as a short term goal to lose weight, it’s not going to work. The second your diet is over and you start eating meat again, your body is going to be so confused and you’re going to gain more weight. Just do what we said; moderation, moderation, moderation.

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