10 Things Women Can to Do Prevent Hair Loss


As a woman, it can be a shocking and devastating realization to find out you are losing your hair. It’s a piece of you that you value more than you might imagine, and losing your hair might freak you out. It’s okay to be scared; we all would be in this situation. While you might gently mock your husband for his own panic over losing his hair, the idea of losing your own is devastating and unimaginable. Unfortunately, it does happen. Women all over the place lose their hair and have to find a way to live with that. But before you decide that you are just stuck in a world in which your hair will thin and be lost, you have to understand that there are things you can do to prevent hair loss from occurring, and it’s not all that bad. Yes, you want hair and no, you don’t want to lose your hair. The good news is that you do have options and there is something you can do to help minimize hair loss and help with this horrible concept. We have some suggestions for keeping your hair as healthy as possible so that you can eliminate some chances of losing your hair as you get a bit older in life.

Wait it Out

One of the things that we tell women is that hair loss is not always permanent. For example, if you just had a baby, get ready to lose some hair. It will happen to most new moms thanks to all the hormones and changes in her body, and that’s all right. It’s not ideal, but it is only temporary, which is a good thing all the way. Just wait it out and new hair will grow and life will go on.

Talk to the Doctor about Topical Medications

Your doctor can determine what is causing your hair loss and whether or not the loss is actually serious enough for  some medical help. If it is, your doctor can prescribe some topical medication that can help you with your hair loss. But you will need to visit the doctor, and he or she might not feel your case is worth this kind of treatment. The doctor can recommend you get other treatments such as PRP hair restoration.

Talk to the Doctor about Prescription Drugs

There are some medications that are available for you to use to prevent hair loss and treat thinning hair, but they cannot be given to women who are of childbearing age. These drugs are known to cause serious birth defects in babies, so they will only be given to women who are older than 50.

Check Your Stress

If you are overly stressed, you might notice that your hair begins to fall out. It’s time to check your stress at the door and get over it. Of course, it’s not always that easy, but you have to find a way to alleviate some of the stress you have so that you can cause your hair to stop falling out.

Eat Right

When you consume a healthy diet, your body is healthier. When your body is healthy, you have fewer chances of losing your hair due to health concerns and issues. This means it’s time to start eating right, getting on track and taking care of you. You might not care about things you can’t see, but hair loss is really noticeable so let it be your motivator.


If you exercise regularly, you can seriously reduce the amount of stress in your life. Stress is a leading cause of hair loss and it can be attributed to not exercising enough. Your body recognizes exercise as a way to relieve your stress, so your hair will stop falling out and maybe even become thicker as a result.

Leave it Alone

Some of us are really hard on our hair. While coloring hair is not always bad, harsh treatment for a long time can actually kill your hair. For example, if you’re a lifelong bleach blonde, you probably touch up those roots often and your hair is probably very prone to damage. Try leaving it alone now and let it grow in naturally and heal itself so that you can prevent future hair loss.

Let it Air Dry

Sometimes you just have to let your hair air dry so that you can let it get healthy. The more you style your hair with heat, the more you damage it. While you can’t really say for certain whether or not the number of times you wash and then blow dry your hair is going to cause you to lose your hair at some point, chances are good that you should just let it air dry. On that note, it’s far better for the overall health of your hair if you do not style it with heating products on a daily basis, so you might just want to consider that as an option.

Take your Vitamins

Vitamins will help your hair grow stronger and healthier, which can prevent hair loss that you are not ready for. It’s something that you can do to help you grow your hair and keep it healthy, so make sure you’re getting your vitamins. If your diet does not contain all the vitamins you need for healthy hair, consider taking some vitamins that you are missing in the mornings. You’ll probably find that this will help you to get healthier hair a lot faster.

Consume more Protein

The more protein you eat, the healthier your hair will become. Incorporate as much as you can into your diet so that you meet the minimum daily requirement for protein intake. This is going to help you become the healthiest version of yourself possible, which is something that you want to do as a whole. It’s not just for your hair, either. It’s for your entire body and your entire mindset. And the bonus is that it will give you more energy, keep you healthier and have your hair looking amazing in no time at all.

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