10 Scary Facts About the Menu at Chili’s


It’s no secret that, while we all enjoy doing it, going out to eat isn’t always the most healthy option for our bodies. Mixing greasy food with a bunch of sodas and/or alcohol, along with appetizers and such often leaves us feeling both full and a little bit more overweight than we would probably like to admit. Still, it does taste delicious, so we continue to do it. And while there are tons of other restaurants that we could eat at that are worse than Chili’s, that still doesn’t mean that the place is as healthy as it might first appear to be. Although it has the words, “bar and grill” in it, offering items such as grilled dishes and crispy salads, don’t be fooled by what you’re actually filling yourself up with—because it’s not as good for your body as you might first think. And since there are some hidden nutritional facts I thought you should know about Chili’s, I’m giving you these to educate you a little bit more—or freak you out, a bit.

10. The Awesome Blossom Is Really Unhealthy

Looking for a great appetizer to order? I would suggest staying away from the menu’s Awesome Blossom, which is pretty much the same thing as the Bloomin’ Onion that rival restaurant Outback Steakhouse offers. So what makes this such a bad choice for you and your health? It’s 2,710 calories with 203 grams of fat, meaning that, even if you’re sharing it with someone else, you’re getting well over 1,000 calories on you before your actual meal even shows up to the table. Maybe a salad is a better idea.

9. Artichoke Dip is Heavy Stuff

One of my personal favorite appetizers—even if I do know it’s not all that great for me—artichoke dip can have some serious calories in it. A stapled for Mediterraneans to enjoy every once in awhile while in their native, European spots, I’d highly suggest getting into the routine of eating this stuff as much as they do—especially the Chili’s variety. Containing 1,130 calories and 89 gram of outside saturated fats, pretty much everything that you don’t need in your body is packed into this dish—and that’s not even counting the bread or pita you’re dipping into it.

8. The Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Burger Might Kill You

OK, so Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Burger might not literally kill you unless you happen to choke on it or, god forbid, you eat one of them every single day of your life, but I think you get the point. Packed with nearly an entire day’s worth of calories and two-in-a-half days worth of fat, it carries over 1,900 calories and 138 grams of that fat. Seeing how it’s a burger with cheese, strips of bacon and jalapeno ranch dressing smothered on it, it’s probably not too shocking to hear.

7. No More Cheese, Please

For those who love to pile the cheese onto things, I would suggest getting a side of the Skillet Queso for chip dipping or pouring on top of something. While it might taste great as an extra topping or appetizer, it comes with a serious price—to the tun of 1,580 calories and 35 grams of saturated fat. We all know that cheese isn’t the greatest thing to eat, anyway, but that’s a heck of a lot of fat for some melted cheese, so don’t give into the temptation.

6. You’re Better Off Ordering Kids’ Versions

If you want to really stick to staying (somewhat) healthy when at Chili’s, I’d really suggest asking your server for a Kids’ Menu. That’s because, while the items aren’t still overly great for you to eat, they are a lot better options than the normal, adult menu. Things like the Grilled Chicken Platter has just 160 calories and just four grams of fat, and contains less salt than a lot of the other menu options. The serving size might be smaller, but at least you’ll feel a lot better about yourself when leaving the restaurant.

5. The Paradise Pie Isn’t Too Sweet

We all know that sweets are never a good thing to eat too much of, but who would have ever guessed that Chili’s Paradise Pie was this bad? While it might taste good and is somewhat OK to indulge every once in awhile, there has to be a better option than just this. That’s because it packs a ridiculous 1,250 calories and 64 grams of fat. So for those who think that eating a hamburger or a couple slices of pizza is bad, just think what you’re doing to your body when you eat this thing.

4. Never Order the Quesadillas

OK, more specifically, don’t get the Fajita Quesadillas with beef, rice and beans. That’s because it was actually chosen as the worst Mexican food that someone can order in the United States in a poll that covered nearly every, popular restaurant. So how bad is this for you? Well, seeing how the entire meal packs more calories and sodium in it than nearly a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme, I would say more than you would probably imagine. Quesadillas are usually delicious and, believed to be, a good alternative to burgers—but not this one.

3. The Asian Salad Is Just as Bad For You

One of the most common misperceptions about salad is that all of it is healthy for you. I have a secret, though—all salads are not created equal. Take the Asian Salad with Salmon from Chili’s, for instance. When people read the menu’s description and see what it comes with, the dish actually contains about 1,120 calories and 70 grams of fat. So don’t be fooled into thinking that all greens are good greens for you.

2. Don’t Eat the White Chocolate Lave Cake

While this thing might sound like it would taste delightful, when it comes to being good for your diet, it’s actually pretty ridiculous. That’s because, in just one serving, the lava cake has 1,430 calories, with 666 of those coming from the fat variety. For those who need a refresher on just how bad this really is for you, the dessert itself has 114% of a person’s daily total fat intake. Talk about feeling full!

1. The Crispy Chicken Crispers

One of the guiltiest pleasures on the menu, the Crispy Chicken Crispers at Chili’s are essentially a chicken nugget on steroids, offering sauces like chipotle honey and other savory choices, the little strips will have you packing on some serious calories—which is a normal downside to eating such delicious food, right? So how many calories do these have in them? Try 1,750, complete with 730 grams of fat. They may smell and taste amazing, but be prepared to want to go run after eating them.


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