15 Reasons Women are Staying Single

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There is a noticeable cultural shift in the attitude of women towards relationships and marriage. It is seen that an increasing number of women are choosing to stay single for various reasons such as personal autonomy and career growth. Reasons are multifaceted. Let’s look at 15 reasons women are staying single.

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Emotional Healing

There is an entire generation of women invested towards emotional healing to recover from previous relationship trauma. Women are valuing self-care and mental well-being rather than rushing towards new romantic relationships. They are placing due consideration before choosing a partner.

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Relationship Standard

This is probably the era in many hundred years where women are choosing to realize their self-worth rather than ‘settle’ as society dictates. Women are aware of what they want and they prefer to wait for the right person to come along, than compromise due to loneliness.

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Commitment Fear

It is not only the other sex that has the fear of commitment. The reasons for this fear of commitment could be manifold. Some women fear intimacy, that is why they are choosing to stay away from any relationship. While some others have a fear of lifelong commitment to one partner.

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Journey to Self Discovery

If you have not yet, go watch Julia Roberts ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. The movie beautifully captured the essence of self-discovery a woman goes through in her journey of life. Single women are using this period of their life to reconnect with themselves, invest in their personal growth, and make conscious choices for their life’s trajectory.

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Career Growth

Some women choose to remain single because they are married to their careers. Work is life for them. They understand that getting into a romantic relationship would mean dividing focused attention between love and career, and they are aware that they do not want to divert their attention from their career.

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Lack of Partner

Some women are staying single not because they want but because they are unable to find a suitable partner to spend their life with. It is surprising and worrying because given the tools of communication we have today, finding a potential partner with similar values and goals should be simpler.

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Financial Independence

Women were financially dependent on their partner in traditional roles. The situation has undergone a 360-degree change in the last two or three decades. Women have earned their financial independence, which means they are under less pressure to find a partner for financial stability.

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Friendships are Prioritized

I was reading somewhere the other day that as you age, you need time-tested friendships around you for sustenance rather than a romantic relationship. Some women find satisfaction and emotional fulfillment within their social connections and friendships that they do not feel the desire to seek out a romantic partner.

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Cultural Norms

Women today are aware of the reality of marriages. They see women around them who are completely burnt out from managing a career, running a household, and raising kids all alone, even with the presence of a partner. It is normal for women who see this to be put off by the idea of a romantic relationship or of marriage altogether.

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Fear of Heartbreak

The age old saying that you can die of a broken heart is true. The breaking up of a romantic relationship can shatter the heart into a million pieces, and no matter the amount of time you have, it is hard to recover. Some women are hesitant to get into relationships because of the fear of heartbreak.

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Poor Dating Experience

Some women withdraw from the dating scene because of poor dating experiences in the past. It is common for women to get ghosted by potential partners, and it is worse when you do not know why you were ghosted. Being ghosted or emotionally manipulated early on makes some women distrust romantic relationships.

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It is a cliché but some women truly feel that freedom is attained when you are not bound by a romantic relationship. A relationship can often feel like a constraint when society has designed romantic relationships to benefit one sex and deprioritize the well-being of the other. Some women prefer the freedom to do whatever they want.

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Personal Growth

Some women realize that it is important to spend time with one’s self to be the best version of their character. It is why women prefer to spend time and resources to focus on their personal growth and development, and do not allow any romantic interests to interfere in that process.

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Preferring Solitude

All women are not built the same. Some women prefer solitude, not because they lack options or because they were hurt in the past relationship or because they have any trauma, or anything else. Some women really prefer their space, and being with a partner means long-term adjustment that they do not wish to get into.

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Low Self Esteem

Some women suffer from low self-esteem, which makes it difficult for them to navigate their emotions and desires. They are unable to set boundaries with others and express themselves. Such women feel lonely even when in a relationship, and because of this, they isolate themselves and choose to be single.


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